Rob Brydon doesn't plan his famous impressions for 'The Trip'.

Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon

The Welsh comedian is well known for his popular mimicking of other celebrities and accents, but he insisted he won't be putting too much thought into them ahead of the fourth series of his improvised sitcom with Steve Coogan, in which they play fictionalised versions of themselves.

Speaking to i News, he said: "That's the thing, we never do, so it will be the same old nonsense."

Thankfully for the pair, the arguments and rows they have on the programme - which sees them travelling and dining together in different restaurants - hasn't ruined the stars' dinner away from work.

Rob explained: "It's two different people on 'The Trip' - they're two people arriving for a spar. But if we're sitting down together, it's not sniping."

Meanwhile, the 'Would I Lie To You?' host admitted while he's expanding his career with film roles in the likes of 'Swimming With Men' and 'Holmes and Watson', he still wants to make sure he keeps his stand-up career going.

He added: "When I'm on stage and the whole room is laughing, I like that feeling very much. Another reason to do it is to keep it in my armoury, as it were. At the end of the day I've got to pay my bills.

"Should television or film dry up, hopefully I'll have looked after my audience, I'll have entertained them, made them laugh, so that I could book some theatres. It's just prudence."

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