Ruth Langsford insists on being paid the same as her male co-stars.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes

The 57-year-old TV host - who is married to fellow broadcaster Eamonn Holmes - has revealed she doesn't accept inequality in the workplace, and always demands to be paid the same as her male counterparts.

Ruth, who often appears alongside her husband on 'This Morning', shared: "I insist now on being paid the same. I insist now that I do. But as we all know, in the past I've worked not just with Eamonn.

"The thing is you don't normally discuss your pay when you're a co-presenter, but obviously I do with my husband because he's my husband."

Last year, the BBC's list of its highest-earning presenters revealed a marked pay disparity between men and women working for the broadcaster.

The revelations led to a public outcry and Ruth subsequently vowed she would never again work for any less than her male co-stars.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I basically wouldn't work for them if they weren't paying me the same if I'm doing the same job, whether I'm with my husband or any other male co-presenter."

Meanwhile, Eamonn recently claimed that a culture of political correctness is putting their jobs in danger.

The veteran broadcaster - who married Ruth in 2010 - explained: "Some people wake up wishing to be offended. They are completely disappointed if they're not offended or they haven't got something to complain about.

"And social media has given them the platform to do it.

"I just think it's sad. A lot of them feel, 'We can change things by doing this and whatever.'

"But it would be awful to just be moaning and groaning about everything."