'Coronation Street' star Ryan Prescott was thrilled to get to perform a stunt for the dramatic car chase scenes that will air on the ITV soap on Friday night (12.10.18).

Ryan Prescott

Ryan Prescott

The 29-year-old actor's alter ego Ryan Connor's life will be left hanging in the balance after he gets run over as Ronan Truman takes revenge on the lad for his son Cormac's drugs overdose death.

For the dramatic and bloody scenes there were a few stunts that had to be carried out and although Prescott had his own stuntman he was thrilled when he got to get involved in a bit of the action himself.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: "I wish I could take full responsibility for the stunts, but I had a stunt double called Alan. He's a very talented man.

"I will take partial responsibility, though, as I was able to do one of the stunts myself. They built a wooden rig around Ronan's car, which started by the wing mirror and it curved around to the front. We padded that out and I was allowed to stand on the front. They got the car up to speed, I think was between 12 and 14 miles an hour. It wasn't fast, but when you're on the front of a car, it's fast enough! I got to perch down, and then when I had the signal, I would throw myself onto the windscreen, so they could get that shot from the inside, and then fall off into the side pocket of the rig. It was terrifying, actually."

Viewers will be left wondering if Michelle Connor's son is dead but Prescott insists whatever happens to his character he is just thrilled to have been part of a major 'Corrie' plot.

He added: "I always take it as it comes. I was actually more elated that I actually got to be part of a storyline with so much oomph. I was just glad to get some juicy stuff and be part of the storyline that was going on.

"When my time comes, my time comes, so I'm just grateful for any time that I do get. You've got to have the gratitude. Especially when you're unemployed for a while, that gratitude comes quite naturally!"