Sam Faiers has a "really nice" pregnancy with her daughter Rosie.

Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers

The 'Mummy Diaries' star welcomed her little bundle of joy into the world in November with her partner Paul Knightley, with whom she also has two-year-old son Paul, and has admitted she found the nine months relatively easy until she got nearer to the end.

Speaking to new! magazine, she said: "I had a really nice pregnancy and didn't have any symptoms. But when I had Paul to look after as well, I was just so much more tired. Towards the end of the pregnancy, I was like: 'This is really hard now.' The birth was so much nicer. All my family were there and the experience was so much better. It's been an amazing journey becoming a family of four."

And it wasn't just her pregnancy that was a breeze as the 27-year-old beaut has admitted her labour only last four hours and she was tucked up in a bed an hour later.

She explained: "With Paul, it [the labour] was 36 hours. This labour, from when my contractions were strong to when I had her, was four hours, so it was a completely different experience, just being at home with my family there.

"It was calm. I had Rosie and then I was in bed watching 'The X Factor' an hour later. Being in bed with your baby watching telly - it was so lovely."

And fans will be able to see Sam's delivery as she agreed to let the cameras into her life for the forthcoming series of her and her sister Billie's show 'The Mummy Diaries'.

She said: "Rosie's birth is in there, planning schools for Nelly, wedding planning and holidays."

Billie - who has three-year-old daughter Nelly and 11-month-old son Arthur - added: "There's so much in the show and a lot of it is very comical. It's very real and nothing's been glossed over. It's a lot more about all of us than just the babies."