Sam Faiers didn't think she could fall pregnant while she was breastfeeding.

Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers

The 'Mummy Diaries' star has admitted her four-month-old daughter Rosie, whom she has with her partner Paul Knightley, was a "complete surprise" because she was convinced she couldn't conceive while she was nursing her son Paul Jr, two.

She told OK! magazine: "I didn't think you could get pregnant while you're breastfeeding. Yeah, she [Rosie] was actually [a surprise]. I honestly didn't think you could, it is [breastfeeding] a natural form of contraception - they say. But at that point of feeding Baby Paul, it was really for comfort, I don't think I had a lot of milk - it was more just for comfort. So yeah, obviously I fell pregnant and I was completely surprised."

The 27-year-old beauty's entire pregnancy, labour and birth was captured on camera for the show and, although it was meant to be an exciting time, there was some drama.

Sam's mother-in-law Gaynor and her mother Susanne locked horns when it was suggested that they try the pendulum theory to work out the sex of Rosie.

After Susanne suggested the fun ritual, Gaynor said: "Yeah, but you're talking out to something that ain't there."

Sam's sister Billie, 28, then explained to the cameras: "Mum was going to do the pendulum thing where you guess the sex of the baby if it swings. She did it when I was pregnant with Arthur. It's like her little thing. Gaynor wasn't really for it."

Gaynor declared: "It don't fit nice with me."

Billie said: "Literally, I didn't know where to look. She was like 'no, we are not doing it."

Gaynor concluded: "I don't believe in all that stuff. I believe in Jesus."