Sarah Byrne has been fired from 'The Apprentice'.

Sarah Byrne

Sarah Byrne

The BBC reality show returned to screens on Wednesday (03.10.18), and for the 29-year-old former actress and owner of the Children's Acting Academy, her journey to become Lord Alan Sugar's next business partner was short lived, as she found herself becoming the first contestant to be fired from the show's new series.

The first episode saw the group of business hopefuls head to Malta, and compete as boys versus girls in their first task, which was to locate nine items and negotiate the best prices.

Jasmine Kundra was chosen as the Project Manager for the girls' team, and after losing to the boys, she decided to bring Sarah and Jackie Fast with her to the boardroom, where Lord Sugar chose to give Sarah the boot after Claude Littner described her as "disruptive".

Speaking in the taxi after her elimination, Sarah said she felt Jasmine should have gone instead because she "talks the talk but doesn't deliver the results".

She added: "Let me tell you something, I'm going to go out [and] I'm going to strive for success and this is definitely not going to be the last of me."

During the episode, Sarah clashed with her fellow candidates on several points, including the negotiations of a filigree boat.

The actress - who once starred in 'Shameless' - also accused Jasmine of "talking down to her" during a spat which occurred just moments before they entered the boardroom.

Sarah later said she didn't think the other candidates saw her as a businesswoman because of her background in acting.

She told Standard Online: "I think that, you know, there is a stereotype and how a businesswoman or man should be and look and stereotypically I don't fit into that category.

"I'm very working class and down-to-earth and there's no airs and graces in me.

"I think sometimes when you step into a room with people that are stereotypical and do speak very well, it sometimes shocks people and puts them out their comfort zone."

'The Apprentice' continues Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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