Sarah Jayne Clark has been fired from 'The Apprentice'.

Sarah Jayne Clark

Sarah Jayne Clark

The 25-year-old businesswoman is the sixth contestant to get the boot from the reality TV show - and miss out on Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment - after she failed to impress in tonight's (08.11.17) episode when her team lost the tour task.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Sarah said: "As soon as I knew we'd failed, I knew I'd be gone. I said I've got something to prove. That's why I'd put myself forward, and yeah so I knew as soon as we lost I knew I'd be out."

Sarah landed herself in hot water when she put herself forward to be project manager but struggled to control her team as they over-offered - losing them money -

and then got the tour group lost in the city for three hours.

Vitality made profits of only £660.36 with 20 per cent of sales being refunded because their tour was "poorly planned and boring", while winning Graphene made £803.06, mainly from selling more souvenirs.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar said: "This is a business process, this is not a holiday camp," about the team's poor performance.

"This was a very embarrassing situation, right, this whole thing, I think it replicates the embarrassment we sometimes get on Eurovision.

"Sarah Jayne you appointed yourself project manager because you wanted to prove yourself to me, fact you have not proved yourself. Sarah Jayne I've been wondering what you do, and now I know what you do. It's seemed to me that you've moved yourself over to a convenient place, and I think you've been in a convenient place for the last six weeks and for that reason, Sarah Jayne, you're fired."

About returning to her fashion business, or being offered a place on a reality TV show, Sarah Jayne said: "If it was a lot of money I would, it's all about the money isn't it. Obviously I'm concentrating on my business, I've recently gone into property as well, so yeah open minded but I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into that."