Sarah Jayne Dunn wishes she could eat cheese with everything.

Sarah Jayne Dunn

Sarah Jayne Dunn

The 'Hollyoaks' actress - who has two-year-old son Stanley with husband Jonathan Smith - is doing her best to eat healthily so is trying to ignore her craving for dairy produce.

Asked what her guilty pleasure is, she admitted: "Cheese! If I could have cheese with everything I would and that's probably the hardest thing about cutting out dairy and being healthy."

The 36-year-old actress has tried fad diets in the past but wants to set a good example to her son by simply exercising regularly and enjoying balanced meals.

She said: "I want my family to see that I'm fit and healthy and I'm not doing fad diets.

"I think the craziest was when I did Paleo for a little bit - it's basically a caveman diet.

"I've always been of the mindset that you need to nourish your body."

Sarah has been working out a lot and is very happy with her body.

She said: "At the moment I am the happiest I've ever been with my shape.

"I'm training a lot and I did my 12-week transformation before the wedding and feel really strong and fit.

"I do three sessions of weight training a week. They're 45 minutes and on top of that I do one to three sessions of cardio, which are about half an hour.

"Sometimes I go to the gym three times a week and sometimes five or six, it depends what I want to get done."

And the actress finds it relaxing to hit the gym because she can focus on herself without any distractions.

She added to Star magazine: "The gym is my time out, it's my hour of relaxation because I can just switch off, concentrate on me and just get into it."