Carol Vorderman felt suicidal as she battled "severe depression" during the menopause.

Carol Vorderman felt suicidal during the menopause

Carol Vorderman felt suicidal during the menopause

The 62-year-old TV star has opened up candidly about her mental health struggles around 2015 as she went through hormonal changes when her periods stopped.

Speaking on the 'Postcards From Midlife' podcast, she said: "When I went through it I had severe depression for about six months. I think it was 2015.

"There was nothing wrong in my life, I had made a lot of money, my kids were fine, my mum was fine. There was no problem.

"And yet I would wake up in this huge bed in this huge house, I've got a swimming pool outside and all of that, and I just thought 'what's the point?'

"I understand much more now [about] clinical depression, where you go: 'I can't go through this again, how can I make this stop', and those thoughts of 'well, there is obviously one way to make this stop.' "

The former 'Loose Women' presenter admitted even during her time on the daytime talk show, it was something of a taboo topic.

She added: "Even when I was hosting Loose Women, which was 10 years ago, it was only acceptable to say, 'Ooh, I'm having a bit of a moment' and make light of yourself when you're going through this.

"It's not always horrific for people, but you can have horrific days."

"Now, thank God, women are going: 'No, stuff that, this is what's happening, I need help in the workplace, I need to be able to hear from people who are doing this.' "

The 'Countdown' legend pointed to the way people would try to spin the menopause as women going "crazy".

She explained: 'Because it was a patriarchy — you know, 'Women, they just go crazy and they say crazy things.'

"We're driving a horse and cart through that old-fashioned society attitude to women going through the menopause."

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