Shaun Evans has hinted the next series of 'Endeavour' could be the last.

Shaun Evans

Shaun Evans

The 41-year-old actor - who plays Detective Morse in the show, which has aired on ITV since 2012 - suggested that after eight series and 33 episodes, the team needs to "see if there's still a story to tell" before deciding if they will continue.

Speaking to BT TV, he said: "I think we'll know when the time has come to end 'Endeavour'.

"We need to finish the series, take a look at them, take a view over what was done well, if there's still a story to tell and if we all still want to tell it.

"So, we'll see. It will also be interesting to see, when they're all put together and when they go out, what the response is like.

"To be honest, we will know then where we are at with it."

But regardless of whether or not the team continue making new episodes, Shaun noted it's "incredible" that the programme has enjoyed so much success over a long period of time, and admitted his time on set will remain "an extraordinary experience" in his life, whatever happens from here on in.

He added: "It's incredible that we've got to 33 films. I don't think any of us expected that or anticipated it.

"From an outside point of view, it's amazing the audience is still there.

"And from an internal point of view it's incredible that we, as a team, are still trying to push it as much as possible so each film does feel different from the one that's come before and has its own specific vibe and tone.

"It's been an extraordinary experience in my life, without a shadow of a doubt."

The new series will air on ITV from September 12.