Shayne Ward's twin sister has begged Soap Award bosses to "bend the rules" and nominate him for Best Actor after his impressive acting had viewers in floods of tears as he portrayed his character Aidan Connor's suicide on 'Coronation Street' this week.

Shayne Ward

Shayne Ward

The 33-year-old actor - who has played the knicker factory boss in the long-running show for three years - was applauded for his portrayal of the heartbreaking scenes earlier this week and now his sibling Emma thinks he should be added to the shortlist after he missed out because soap bosses wanted to keep the storyline under wraps.

Taking to her Twitter account, she said: "@SoapAwards I think the rules need too be bent a little here... Shayne missed out on best actor due too timing and the sensitive storyline being withheld.. he needs too recognised! Do the right thing. (sic)"

She then uploaded a photograph of them together and praised him for his portrayal of depression and suicide because she's convinced he's "saved lives for sure."

She wrote: "Too say I'm proud @shayneTward is the understatement of the century!! Your portrayal of depression and suicide was nothing short of heartbreaking and you have saved lives for sure! Love you so much #Corrie #itsoktotalk (sic)"

Despite the praise he's got from the cast, fellow actors and the viewers, Shayne has admitted he found the storyline really hard to portray.

He explained recently: "Some or all of you may have had some experience of knowing someone in your family or known a friend or hearing of someone that may have taken their own life. In my own personal experience I've had people in my family attempt suicide and also someone unfortunately took their own life. So for me I just drew upon an honest truth of how would I feel in that situation. One thing I knew is that if I did it with honesty and truth then it will portray on the screen."

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