Sinitta has made a dig at Cheryl Tweedy's 'X Factor' appearance.



The 54-year-old star hit out at show boss Simon Cowell last year after he asked the 34-year-old singer to be his guest on the Judges' Houses round of the talent show instead of her, and she has taken a swipe again, insisting the ratings dropped when the 'Call My Name' hitmaker appeared on the programme.

She told The Sun newspaper: "They don't understand the viewers. Simon is so forward-looking that he's zooming into the future.

"If you look at the recent episodes they are very different to the original ones but he needs to let the team catch up.

"It's unfortunate because a show like that always needs new ideas.

"Even Cheryl's week didn't stop it losing one million viewers."

Sinitta previously slammed Simon - who she once dated - saying he could kiss her "black ass" after she was dropped from the segment.

Speaking in September, she said: "I will always love Simon. He is like a father figure meets brother figure and ex-lover figure to me, and of course my mentor for over three decades.

"But right now he can kiss my black ass.

"Simon promised me the job for life and said he didn't ever want to do it with anyone else."

But a few months later, the 'So Macho' hitmaker admitted she regretted her unladylike outburst.

She said: "I'm over it now. I must admit, it was a bit unladylike when I talked about my... you know... I told [Simon] to kiss my black [behind] - that wasn't lady like."

She also reached out to the music mogul last year when he was rushed to hospital after taking a tumble down a flight of stairs.

She explained: "The friendship is more important than the show, isn't it? First of all, it wasn't me [that pushed him]. [His collapse] did actually help cure the rift because you go, 'Oh my gosh, something has happened'. All of a sudden, I was just concerned about him."