Stephen Merchant guest-starred on a new podcast based on his show 'The Outlaws.'

Stephen Merchant joins Outlaws podcast

Stephen Merchant joins Outlaws podcast

The 47-year-old actor created, wrote, and starred in the BBC comedy series about a group of seven misfits doing community service in Bristol - which launched its second series on Sunday (05.06.22) - and teamed up with hosts Suzi Ruffle and Geoff Norcott as part of new companion podcast 'Inside...The Outlaws.'

Stephen said: "For my new series of The Outlaws, BBC Sounds decided that the intricately brilliant, complicated plots and sophisticated jokes needed to be decoded by two expert comedians, in the form of Suzi Ruffle and Geoff Norcott."

The brand new podcast will launch on BBC Sounds and will offer listeners an extra insight into the show, with interviews, episode analysis, and behind-the-scenes gossip.

Each new episode of 'Inside...The Outlaws' will be available weekly after the show has finished airing on BBC One and is set to feature other stars of the show later in the series, including the likes of Gamba Cole, Charles Babalola, and Jessica Gunning, who will detail their experiences shooting the comedy.

In a statement, Suzi Ruffell and Geoff Norcott said: "Join us 'Outlaws' super-fans to go through all the plot twists, character analysis, and all things you might have missed, on our new podcast Inside... The Outlaws. Each week we’ll be getting together with members of the cast, including Stephen Merchant, after each episode of 'The Outlaws' - only on BBC Sounds."

'The Outlaws' airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One, with 'Inside the Outlaws' available to stream immediately afterwards.

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