Former 'Doctor Who' boss Steven Moffat once stood in as the Doctor.

Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat

The 59-year-old producer joked everyone was in awe of his performance when he joined cast members and guest stars Carey Mulligan and Finlay Robertson to take then-Timelord David Tennant's place at a read through of iconic 2007 episode 'Blink', which introduced fans to the Weeping Angels for the first time.

Marking the 14th anniversary of the episode, Steven shared a photo of an angel statue from his garden and wrote on Instagram: "Cheer up, dear - it's been 14 years since Blink. In honour of the anniversary, here's the Angel at the bottom of my garden.

"Brand new, exclusive fact (unless I've revealed it before which is more than likely.) At the Blink readthrough I read the part of the Doctor. I was GREAT! People wept.

"Russell [T Davies] slapped me. I'm sure he meant it as a compliment. As a direct consequence of that readthrough, Carey Mulligan became an international star. And I moved on to doing the stage directions.(sic)"

It is unclear why David wasn't present for the read through, but he famously had very little screen time in the episode.

The former showrunner wrote the episode, which saw Carey and Finlay play Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale, who had to figure out a confusing set of clues left by the Doctor and his companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), who had been sent to the distant past by the Weeping Angels.

Last year, Steven - who left the programme in 2017 after seven years - wrote a number of mini online specials for the sci-fi saga, but played down the chance of returning to pen an episode of the series itself.

He explained: "I've always said, and Russell [T Davies] has always said, I'll come back when there's an emergency. Well what do you call this?

"But no, I think that 'Doctor Who' has to change hands and have new creators, new people involved.

"And remember, I wrote a ton of them! I think I'm out of ideas. I don't have a single one left."