Anton Du Beke is to release his second studio album after a six-year wait.

Anton Du Beke will release his second studio album after a six-year wait

Anton Du Beke will release his second studio album after a six-year wait

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge, 57, will be working with the Grammy-award winning producer Brian Rawlings to create exciting new music, once the current series of the BBC show ends.

During an appearance on the 'Power of Joy' podcast, he said: "What I am going to do at the beginning of next year is ...  I’m going to get into the studio with some of the guys from the band and we’re going to do a ‘sessions album,’ we’re going to give it a sessions feel.

“You don’t put CDs out any more so we’ll put it out for download. It will be fun and we’ll film it.”

Anton also revealed he had recorded some Christmas songs, which he hopes he will release in time for the festive season next year, after his second album launches.

He said: "A few years ago, we started to put together a Christmas album, but realised we had no time to promote and tour the album because I can’t do anything when I’m doing 'Strictly'.

“So we put it to one side and we thought we’ll revisit that when we’ve got a bit more time.”

Anton will no doubt be hoping for even more success from his second album, after his first record 'From the Top' reached number 21 on the UK Albums Chart.

In October, Anton told how he "hated everybody" before he joined 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

He said on the 'How to be 60' podcast: "I was a lunatic at 26. I was so driven and determined, it was almost destructive.

"I’d get frustrated and so angry all the time and I hated everybody. I just wanted to beat everybody.

"It was a really competitive world. I didn’t want to be your friend, no interest in that at all. I wanted to beat you really badly, I wanted to beat you a lot."