Suranne Jones's mental health has bounced back.

Suranne Jones says her mental health is back on track

Suranne Jones says her mental health is back on track

The 44-year-old actress took a tactical break from performing after battling personal issues that left her at rock bottom.

In 2018, Suranne pulled out from the West End production of 'Frozen' before the end of its run due to a bout of illness.

It wasn’t until a year later that the former 'Coronation Street' star revealed the heartbreaking details of her mother’s death – who died in 2016 following a lengthy battle with Vascular Dementia.

Reflecting on the dark days, Suranne shared that she's in a good place now and doesn’t ever want to feel that way again.

She told Radio Times: “Something seismic happened when I was doing Frozen and I never want it to happen again. Life is different for me now.

“I’ve worked my way through lots of issues around grief and trauma. I know when to slow down. When to calm down. I know I can’t control things but I have things in place.”

Suranne is set to star in the new three-part ITV drama ‘Maryland’ alongside Eve Best ( Rosaline), which follows the story of two sisters who reconnect following their mother’s death.

The former 'Doctor Foster' actress explained how her personal experiences affected the 'Maryland’ storyline.

She said: "I think it's no secret that I've lost both my parents. So obviously, I know grief.

"And that was a huge part of our conversations, was 'What that is to someone'. It's either going to come or people have experienced it, and I think what this show does is it doesn't deal with it quickly, it deals with it over three episodes.

"And there was a very clear marking of when you [Anne-Marie O'Connor, writer] were setting out what your episodes wanted to be, it's the stages of grief that we stay with. But there's humour in it and it's not an easy ride. It's not a straightforward ride and you don't get a blueprint of how you're going to feel.

"So I think knowing sickness, knowing illness, knowing grief, knowing death was a huge part of it. And I think we're both really proud of how that turned out."

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