Suranne Jones thinks she would have been considered as a witch back in the 17th century.

Suranne Jones thinks she would be considered as a witch in the past

Suranne Jones thinks she would be considered as a witch in the past

The 45-year-old actress hosts the new Channel 4 documentary 'Suranne Jones: Investigating Witch Trials' and explained how she has many characterises in common with those who were considered to have evil magic powers.

Suranne told the Daily Express Saturday magazine: "I wouldn't have survived!

"I'm a creative, I'm outspoken, I change my look all the time, I tell stories, I love animals... I mean, it sounds mad, doesn't it?

"I have mental health issues and I'm perimenopausal, so that's surely not going to wash well because surely you're a witch if you're sweating too much or your hormones are all over the place and it's affecting you so you get angry."

The 'Doctor Foster' star added that her birthmarks and moles would also like mean that she was condemned.

Suranne said: "I've got birthmarks and moles everywhere, so they would have been witch marks too.

"Everything about me as a person would have made them think that they needed to get rid of me because I would not have worked in their societal picture, for sure."

The 'Gentleman Jack' actress has worked with her producer husband Laurence Akers on the two-part documentary and explained that it stemmed for a lifelong interest in "folklore".

Jones said: "I've always loved literature on folklore, fairy tales, witches and vampires.

"I always wanted to play the witch when I was younger, rather than a princess, and then when I got married, my husband was always saying, 'Is that another witch book you'r reading?'

"So, when we started our production company, he wrote a brilliant treatment for me and sent it off and the next thing we knew, it was commissioned."

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