Talia Grant insists her 'Hollyoaks' character is "not exactly" like her, but she is "excited" about showing a representation of autism in a soap.

Talia Grant

Talia Grant

The 16-year-old actress has become the first female actress who is autistic to land a mainstream role on British TV after joining the cast of the Channel 4 soap as teenager Brooke Hathaway, who is also autistic, and she can't wait for people to see her in action in the village tonight (09.07.18).

She said: "It was [incredible] when I got offered the part. It was an open audition that they advertised on social media. My godsister told me about it.

"I feel like my character is not exactly like how I am. There are some ways she's different. It's exciting to show one representation of autism for the people out there."

Talia - whose mum is vocal coach Carrie Grant - felt like the "odd one out" before she was diagnosed with autism, and she understands the lifelong developmental disability a lot more now.

Speaking on 'Loose Women', she said: "When I tell someone I have autism they'll say, 'No you don't', because they have their own idea of it.

"I didn't know what it was. I didn't know that I had autism. When I did find out I didn't know what that meant. I knew I felt different, but I didn't really know what about me felt different.

"I felt out of it, the odd one out. It makes a lot of sense now.

"I had to sit on the same chair [at dinner], have a special plate. I can't even eat pie, with the fruit mixing."

Talia - who will make her 'Hollyoaks' debut at 7pm on E4 - is "really looking forward" to developing her character on the soap.

She said: "I am so excited to be joining 'Hollyoaks'. I have met some of the cast and being on set was fun and everyone was super-nice and made me feel welcome.

"For a long while there has been no representation on screen of autistic women, especially autistic women of colour, so I am really looking forward to developing the character of Brooke and representing something that perhaps people are unaware of."