'Talking Heads' is being filmed on the set of 'EastEnders' due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Martin Freeman in Talking Heads

Martin Freeman in Talking Heads

The BBC drama series - which stars the likes of Sarah Lancashire, Jodie Comer and Martin Freeman - will see well-known actors and actresses appear in some familiar locations to soap fans, as coronavirus restrictions have made it tough to build new sets.

Sir Nicholas Hytner, the series director, told The Sun newspaper: "Scenes from 'EastEnders' usually involve snogging, fighting or yelling in each other's faces and that's against the restrictions, unfortunately. That also precluded pinching mementos.

"Some of these actors may be dames, but they're still in showbusiness. All of them who had a chance to do a selfie in Albert Square or in the Queen Vic, they all did it.

"Martin Freeman was thrilled to perform his monologue in Dot Cotton's bedroom. 'EastEnders' viewers will see we changed some sets a lot, but some we couldn't change much."

The revival of the Alan Bennett-written show will feature 10 of the original monologues with different actors, as well as two brand-new pieces.

In the upcoming series, Dame Harriet Walter will perform in Ruby Allen's lounge, and Lesley Manville is to appear in Phil and Sharon's house.

The BBC recently confirmed 'EastEnders' will air 20-minute episodes four nights a week when the soap returns later this year.

EastEnders' cast and crew will resume filming at the end of the month when lockdown restrictions are eased, but the BBC has decided to revamp the show's format to contend with the impact of the pandemic.

Executive producer Jon Sen said: "Resuming production is incredibly exciting and challenging in equal measure.

"Since we postponed filming, we've been working non-stop trialling techniques, filming methods and new ways of working so that we can return to screens four times a week - as 'EastEnders' should be.

"Filming will inevitably be a more complex process now, so creating 20-minute episodes will enable us to ensure that when we return, 'EastEnders' will still be the show the audience know and love."

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