Picture Credits (l-r): Starz, Marvel Studios and HBO
Picture Credits (l-r): Starz, Marvel Studios and HBO

With another seven days passing by, there have been some incredible updates about our favourite shows already on the small screen and of course, those series that will be coming to us in the future!

Here, we’ve collected together the top stories that you may have missed from the past week, so you don’t have to go traipsing around the web, trying to keep yourself up-to-date!

No “graphic violence towards women” in Game of Thrones prequel

Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones / Picture Credit: HBO
Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones / Picture Credit: HBO

Set to start filming in April, upcoming Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon will certainly get tongues wagging.

Speaking with The Telegraph, star of the upcoming series Olivia Cooke, who will play Alicent Hightower, said that "egregious graphic violence towards women" will not be an unnecessary part of the show.

She explained: “I wouldn’t feel comfortable in being a part of anything that has just egregious graphic violence towards women for no reason whatsoever, just because they want it to be tantalising in a way that gets viewers. I was lucky enough to read the [prequel] script before, and it has changed a lot from the first few seasons [of GoT]. I don’t think they’d be in their right minds to include any of that any more.”

After seeing the controversial scenes that were often a part of GoT in the past, we’re hopeful that moves are being made behind-the-scenes to ensure that women who are involved in this project are respected from beginning to end, as well as their fictional counterparts.

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig pictured in Heels first look

Starz are really upping their game as of late when it comes to original content, and this week is no different. This week, we got our first look at their upcoming series Heels, starring Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig as a pair of warring wrestling siblings, who have a major rivalry both inside the squared circle and in the real world.

Amell and Ludwig look in the best shape of their lives in the two unveiled pictures, which gives us just a taste at what to expect.

Though they usually look very different as actors, the similarities between Amell and Ludwig in their roles is pretty impressive. It’s going to be very easy to imagine them as brothers, and we can’t wait to see them throwing one another around the ring when Heels finally comes to the small screen.

WandaVision showrunner taken by surprise by fans

Following the incredible landmark television event that was WandaVision, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed forever. Some believe that it has developed to the point where the X-Men may even be making their debut thanks to Evan Peters’ appearance, but that’s probably not the case.

Speaking with Variety, showrunner Jac Schaeffer admitted: "Naïvely, I didn't expect people to get carried away [with Evan Peters' character Pietro] in that way.”

We’ve gotta say, it really is naïve to say the least!

She continued: “I couldn’t have anticipated… I don’t know, maybe Mary Livanos and Kevin Feige are like, “Yeah, it’s like this every time.” But I’m like, these theories are crazy! So it wasn’t that was not part of my thinking, and also, that’s not my department.”

Lucy Hale cast in gruesome crime drama

Lucy Hale's got an exciting new project lined up / Picture Credit: Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/PA Images
Lucy Hale's got an exciting new project lined up / Picture Credit: Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/PA Images

Variety got their hands on a mighty exclusive this week, when they learned that Pretty Little Liars lead Lucy Hale would be joining the cast of a gruesome new crime drama from the producers of Killing Eve, called Ragdoll.

The six-episode AMC series comes after the upsetting cancellation of Hale’s CW series Katy Keene, which only enjoyed a single season before being shelved, after failing to live up to the hype of the show it was span off of, Riverdale.

Based on the novel by Daniel Cole of the same name, Sid Gentle Films Ltd.'s Sally Woodward Gentle and Lee Morris will serve as executive producers, following their work on Killing Eve. Another alum from that BBC America project - Freddy Syborn - will serve as a fellow executive producer and lead writer.

This spring will see production begin, with a premiere date hopefully being announced later this year, and the project itself making it to television before 2021 is out.

Original Supernatural finale plans revealed

Despite being in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, fans of the series Supernatural were able to enjoy the show’s final season and moments on the small screen last year.

Things weren’t always going to end up in the way they did, however.

A report from EW included a quote from showrunner Andrew Dabb, which also appears in a new commemorative book called Supernatural 15 Seasons: The Crew Member's Souvenir, explaining how the finale would have differed if they had been filming in their usual way.

He says: “Dean was always going to end up in Heaven, and we were always going to see Sam’s life in fast-forward, but those final moments were supposed to take place somewhere else. When Bob Singer and I sat down to talk about season 15, and our inevitable end, we came up with something that felt like a fitting version of Sam and Dean’s Heaven: all the people the boys had met along the way (or, at least, those we could convince to fly to Vancouver) crowded into a re-built Roadhouse, as the band Kansas played our (official unofficial) theme song: Carry on Wayward Son.”

What we got instead was a minimalist approach, which divided opinion from the fans. Still, there was never going to be any pleasing anybody!

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