Tess Daly

Tess Daly

Tess Daly wants to launch a hosting career in America.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' presenter admits she would love to move to America if she was offered a TV job, but doesn't want to uproot her daughters - Phoebe, nine, and Amber, five - as they are still in school.

Tess, 45, told Woman magazine: "I'd love to live in the States for a couple of months a year, just because it feels like you're on holiday the whole time. I love that sunshiney, everything-is-possible vibe.

"But it's not really practical to take the kids out of school here and schlep over there to do the rounds.

"If I was offered a show on a plate, that would be very tempting.

"But, right now, the focus is on the kids."

Tess' husband, fellow TV presenter Vernon Kay, has already had a taste of the US spotlight as he hosted short-lived reality competition 'Skating with the Stars' - an American version of 'Dancing on Ice' - in 2010.

Fellow children's presenter-turned-primetime hostess Cat Deeley, meanwhile, has enjoyed success across the pond as host of 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

Cat, 37, recently earned her third Emmy Award nomination for the show.

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