The Grand Tour reunited former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond on Amazon’s Prime Video service, and with the trio currently filming for the show’s final season, executive producer Andy Wilman had a lot to say when he joined us at Amazon’s Prime Video Presents event earlier this week (October 2).

The Grand Tour will return to Prime Video

The Grand Tour will return to Prime Video

He teased: “The Grand Tour: we have to live up to that name, and [this season] is chocka with passport stamps, so I’m quietly confident.”

Speaking about the luxury cars that’ll be used in the new episodes, and some of the filming locations, he joked (with a few choice words): “We can’t just go around Wales - no offence to Wales - mind you, Brexit’s coming that’s gonna be abroad isn’t it? We require big, beautiful scenery so you start like that.

“Then we go, ‘we’ve got three or four big new car road trips, let’s do some retarded s***’. So we’ve done one of those motorhome holidays where they’ve built their own motorhomes in America. They’re going through Trumpsville in the stuff they’ve built.

“China, they go to China, because if businessmen/women buy very expensive cars, they cost three or four times what they would in Europe, so they bought s****y eight grand, 20-year-old Mercedes that are on their last legs, and they’re trying to convince the Chinese business community that this is the way forward, and it just all goes really wrong.”

Though this will be the final outing for The Grand Tour on Prime Video, Wilman says he’s loved the experience: “Each series is like recording an album. You’ve got some hits, some fillers, some experimental tracks that don’t work, and then you get some goodies you know? But I love that we don’t know what we’re going to actually make.”

“I love the fact that it’s ours, and what I mean by that is it was never really a strong format. With stuff like The X Factor, they are brilliant shows but they really are quite rigid and it has been, for all the 80 years that we’ve been together, ‘what do you feel like doing this year?’”

The Grand Tour is expected to return to Amazon Prime Video in the next few months.

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