Tony Blackburn wants a ‘Love Island’ for older people looking for love.

Tony Blackburn wants a Love Island for oldies

Tony Blackburn wants a Love Island for oldies

The 79-year-old broadcaster - who was appearing on 'The Wheel' with the ITV2 dating show's narrator Iain Stirling - joked there ought to be an edition of the programme for senior citizens.

Appearing on the Michael McIntyre-fronted BBC One game show on Saturday night (22.10.22), Tony faced a question about the reality show and joked: “What a surprise! What I want to know is: why isn’t there a 'Love Island' for us over-70s to take part in? We can call it Wrinkly Island.”

The 34-year-old comedian quipped: “Because Tony, you’d enter it and there’d be no women left for anyone else!”

He added added: “For now, unfortunately, there is no such show and Tony you are shut down.”

The original BBC Radio 1 star’s dream might partly come true as the producers of ‘Love Island’ are working on bringing version for people in their 40s and 50s - with the working title ‘Your Mum, My Dad’ - who will be set up by their children.

In the summer, an insider said: “Times change and the current generation in their 40s and 50s still care about how they look, are fit and healthy, into fashion and are ready to let their hair down.

“This show will give those who settled down young a second chance at love while they still feel in their prime.

“And, let’s face it, they know their minds, will be capable of intelligent conversation and are likely to be much more adventurous — all ingredients regular Love Island sometimes lacks.”

In 2019, Tony - who pioneered the pirate station Radio Caroline in the 60s- explained his “hope” that young people start to share his love of radio

He said: “It’s important that we in radio realise more than ever that the older listener is more important than ever as younger people are not listening to radio or watching TV anymore the way they used to. I hope that as the young get older, they will love radio as we do.”