Tulisa Contostavlos can’t watch ‘Love Island’ due to her misophonia.

Tulisa can't watch Love Island because it makes her feel sick

Tulisa can't watch Love Island because it makes her feel sick

The N-Dubz star admitted that she can’t bear watching the ITV2 dating show hosted by Maya Jama because it makes her “feel physically sick” due to the rare disorder, which is described as “a decreased tolerance to certain sounds” and is also known as “sound rage”.

The 35-year-old singer told the Daily Star’s Wired Showbiz column: “I have something called misophonia, it’s a real thing and I didn’t realise what it was. When people eat with their mouth open or when I’m watching TV and I see people kiss, the noise makes me feel physically sick."

Tulisa used to watch 'Love Island' with her pal but confessed it was like “torturing” herself so she stopped tuning in.

She said: “I love ‘Love Island’ but how many kisses go on in that show? I sit there with my mate and he’s like, ‘why are you torturing yourself?'"

Tulisa is not the only celebrity to suffer with misophonia, Kelly Osbourne previously revealed that she has a rare form of misophonia which means she hates certain sounds made by men when they eat.

Kelly previously admitted she was worried that her rare problem would prevent her from getting married because she especially dislikes the sounds that guys emit when they are eating.

Appearing as a guest panellist on UK TV show 'Loose Women' in 2018, she shared: "I have misophonia, it's a phobia of mouth noises. I can't handle it!"

Discussing how men with big mouths anger her the most when they're munching on meals, she added: "I've walked up to people I don't know and ripped the gum out of their mouth. It makes my knees buckle and makes me sweat. Don't ask, it's another tick on my box of insanities!

"I can't handle it, it drives me nuts. I never want to get married, the way men chew annoys me, so much about them annoys me!"