Former couple Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson are still good friends, despite splitting up.

Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson still good friends despite splitting up

Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson still good friends despite splitting up

The pair went their separate ways in 2021 after seven years of dating, but former 'Great British Bake Off' host Sue, 54, has revealed she and 'Naked Attraction' presenter Anna, 53, have "repurposed" their former love for one another "into a friendship".

While appearing as a guest on Anna's podcast 'It Can’t Just Be Me', Sue said: "We didn’t speak for a long time, to sort of detonate the parts that were familiar to grow new things.

"We’d gone to see someone when things were difficult, and they said, ‘Don’t do history lessons’ like back-tracking about things in the past that were inflammatory.

"We can forgive and, in time, all that love can be repurposed into a friendship."

Anna admitted an important quality the pair share is that they "understand each other".

She added: "Ultimately, our core is love and really good fun, and we understand each other."

Last year, Sue insisted she was an "idiot" when it comes to love after splitting from Anna.

She told the 'Crushed' podcast: "I was in a very long-term happy thing, and obviously, we grew out of it, I guess.

"With me, it always ends in an exactly seven-year relationship. Yes, it’s weird. It’s between six-and-a-half and eight usually. I’m an idiot.

"I’m a serial monogamist. I’m always in a relationship, so it doesn’t matter who I fancy, I’m with the person I’m with, and I want to be good to them - I’m not a philanderer."