Vernon Kay dips in and out of watching his wife present 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Vernon Kay 'dips in and out' of watching wife Tess Daly host Strictly Come Dancing

Vernon Kay 'dips in and out' of watching wife Tess Daly host Strictly Come Dancing

The 47-year-old star has been married to Tess Daly, 52, since 2003, but he switches between watching sport and his significant other on the Latin and ballroom show on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Speaking to Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: “Yes, I watch it, I watch religiously the first 15 minutes – the first 15 minutes of a live broadcast are the most difficult.

“It’s where you’re getting into a rhythm. So I watch the first 15 minutes and then I’ll make food, come back, dip in.

"We’re lucky, we’ve a little TV in the kitchen. I look at the sport, then flip – 'Strictly', sport, 'Strictly' – so I know what’s going on.

"Hey, Elvis had five TVs!"

The ‘Game of Talents’ host has defended his wife from some haters after she was accused of feuding with judge Craig Revel Horwood, who she called out for being “rude”, after he called her questions “dull”.

Vernon said: "That’s been absolute nonsense,

"Craig’s just passionate. They’re brilliant together. We always support him in panto. He’s a friend."

Most recently, some trolls accused Tess of being “condescending” after she tried to console an emotional Rhys Stephenson on last weekend's 'Strictly'.

But Vernon said: "Twitter especially is so divisive. These days, what you’ve got to do is ‘drop and run’. [Drop the tweet and leave]. Someone is always going to say something horrible."

According to Vernon - who has two daughters Phoebe, 17 and Amber, 12, with Tess - there is no secret to a happy marriage, but he believes communication is vital.

He said: “There’s no secret,

"No kind of golden highway. The key is – and I know this sounds really lame – keep talking. Communication is the key to everything."