'Versailles' has been axed.

George Blagden

George Blagden

The BBC's raunchy drama will not be returning for a fourth series after its French maker Canal Plus realised it was no longer pulling in viewers in the UK or in France.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The BBC made a big decision when it bought 'Versailles' from Canal Plus, particularly with all the full-frontal nudity.

"At first, viewers were open to all the pornographic scenes but slowly the BBC saw 'Versailles' ratings drop to just one million viewers -- and it seems to have had the same effect in France too.

"They believe it will have run its course after the third series, which will see Louis XIV achieve absolute power, so they have decided there won't be a series four."

Canal Plus boss Fabrice de la Patelliere confirmed the next series will kick off in the summer, but it will be the last because it's been "a wildly ambitious journey."

Since it hit British screens in 2016, the show - which was given a £21 million budget - has received mixed reviews as it aired 30 X-rated scenes over ten episodes.

Although bosses are concerned that the endless sex scenes have turned people off the show, the final instalment will still be raunchy as it will see Louis - played by George Blagden - strike up an affair with Madame de Maintenon (Catherine Walker).

However, it won't be plain sailing for the king as he'll also have to come face-to-face with an important prisoner, while striving to get more.