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In the past couple of weeks, I was blessed. Sent to me were the first six episodes of the much-anticipated second season of Orange is the New Black, and after waiting what seems like forever, I was left in a moment of sheer bliss hearing Regina Spektor's 'You've Got Time' blare over the opening credits of episode one.

I couldn't wait to set my eyes on the fictional prison of Litchfield once more, as well as all of its weird and wonderfully wacky residents, but soon I realised that the first offering of entertainment would in fact be based solely with Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), who's spending time in solitary following her brutal attack on Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett (Taryn Manning).

This isn't at all a bad thing, as we come to terms with the new frame of mind Piper's in following the vicious fight before meeting a new host of characters in a completely different prison that all have their own stories and strange habits.

Then,in comes Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). Throwing a spanner into the works as always, she makes a decision that will play a huge part in the relationship she shares with Piper in the future.

As their pasts are delved a little deeper into, we learn more about Piper as a child before being granted access into the life she shared with Alex at the pinnacle of their drug smuggling career.

Prepon's a pro at what she does and it's a shame she'll only be in four episodes this season, but she has promised that for season three, she'll be on-screen for each and every episode.

Credit: Netflix

Thankfully we return to Litchfield in the second episode, getting back to grips with life at the prison and looking at some of the reasons why fan favourite characters Tasha 'Taystee' Jefferson (Danielle Brooks), Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren (Uzo Aduba), Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva), Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) and Lorna Morello (Yael Stone) ended up behind bars.

There's no disappointment in the variety of stories told, and it makes for an interesting dynamic when new prisoner Vee (Lorraine Toussaint) turns up at Litchfield after a history with Taystee that throws the whole group for a loop.

Rivalries will crop up that I won't divulge, and the comedy is of course woven throughout alongside all of the drama, making this one of if not the best Netflix original series to-date.

No appearance as of yet from Pornstache, but we know he's coming after an inmate receives a special something on Valentine's Day.

Credit: Netflix

Succeeding its predecessor and debut season was always going to be a challenge, but if the first six episodes - which are out of this world - are anything to go by, it should surpass their popularity with little to no effort at all.

Now bring on Friday. I need to get my binge-watch on.

All 13 episodes of Orange is the New Black season 2 are uploaded to Netflix on Friday, June 6 at 12:01 PDT.

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