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Now that all is said and done and we've had a week to digest the 13 new Orange is the New Black episodes, we're all up to speed, right?

And what a fantastic season it was. Well worth the wait with some brilliant additions - namely Lorraine Tussaint as the incomparable inmate Vee who put on a stellar performance from start to violent finish.

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Piper became more likeable this time round, standing up for herself when some of her peers gave her grief for being allowed out of the prison for a period of 48 hours to attend her grandmother's funeral, and even delivered some great one-liners. Sassy new Piper beats old dreary Piper any day. "Don't defend your boner to me!"

We delved a little more into the pasts of some of our favourite characters, and it was great to see Rosa's story arc come full circle and end with her storming the prison in a blaze of glory - nuns and 'Don't Fear The Reaper' included.

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The attack on Redd had me worried for a good 20 minutes. She is a diamond in the show and I hope she can now win back some of her fire in season 3 after her dousing this time round.

Another gem comes in the form of Lorna Morello. Despite her backstory which painted her as crazy loon stalker, we all can't help but sympathise with her and root for her to come out of everything looking great. She's a child at heart and that monologue that described Toy Story in just about the best way possible was EVERYTHING.

Officer development was central and that is something we could certainly do with more of going forward. Why is Pornstache so vile to inmates? What relationships do some of them share outside the prison - we've touched on this with the bar scenes and Caputo's live performances, but more would be great.

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Major props go to Uzo Aduba who was perfect in the role of Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren once more (and this week proved she can take on any of the roles in a hilarious Funny or Die video). She showed real versatility as an actress weaving between hard-hitting emotional scenes (sharing her thoughts on love with Morello and clutching her pack of Uno cards when Vee left the prison) to ones where we almost fell out of love with her (attacking Poussey and refusing to see the truth in Vee's actions). She was a treat throughout.

Though there were a couple of things I would have preferred to have been left out - Larry's new relationship with Polly being the most annoying one of all - it seemed to be a well-written and planned show from writers and creators ahead of the game.

Credit: Netflix

With so much material to go on including Caputo's new promotion, Alex's return, Nicky's (love her!) worrying and longing look at the heroin and more importantly the dynamics shift now that Vee won't be making a return, I cannot wait for season three to impress us all once again.

Orange is the New Black seasons one and two are available in full for streaming on Netflix.

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