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After a slightly slow start with a story about Frankenstein's Monster that we needed - but which perhaps didn't need to drag on for quite so long - we learned a lot about Dr Victor and the hatred he harbours for his 'first born', as well as what he went through as a child, losing his mother at a young age and pondering the "flicker" between life and death.

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And so his "demon" returns with a plan - he wants a life partner - and if Victor isn't willing to give in to his desires, he'll begin to slaughter everybody who his former master holds dear, though at this point it doesn't seem that Victor has any close friends outside of his paranormal circle.

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Harry Treadaway continues to impress in the role, managing to switch from intelligent and in control genius to blubbering and scared fool in just mere moments.

Ethan and Brona get closer than ever before following her pornographic filmmaking with Dorian the week before, sleeping together and smiling whenever in one anothers company.

Unfortunately, consumption is plaguing Brona's health, and she doesn't have the money for the medicine to try and combat the illness, so Ethan reports back to Vanessa and Sir Malcolm letting them know he's willing to do whatever jobs they have for him in exchange for cash.

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I applaud when a show has the ability to make me hold my breath whilst watching, and that happens during the group's first jaunt where Ethan is forced to reveal a peculiar yet extraordinary gift to stop a pack of wolves from attacking. Is Ethan a wolf himself, or simply a 19th century Dr. Dolittle?

After Vanessa has a vision of Mina begging for her help, it's the London Zoo that's next on the list of places to be explored in clues to her location, and though they find no trace of her there they do manage to capture and kidnap a young vampire thrall.

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Through questioning and a little torture, Ethan is driven to the edge and lets his feelings be known, but the group aren't willing to let up. They're either all in this together or out, and so he reluctantly agrees to stick by his newfound companions.

Malcolm then confesses that he's suspicious of the reason behind Mina's capture - he believes she's simply being used to bait a much more interesting prize - Vanessa.

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Meanwhile, mini vampire thrall is chained and having a conversation with the darkness - his master who is "all around". It's horrifying and wonderful all at the same time, and I am certainly looking forward to finding some answers in next week's episode.

Penny Dreadful continues Tuesday, June 10 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and Sky Atlantic HD.

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