"It's so easy to get caught up in all the negativity that goes on in this world. So yes, I would encourage everyone to do good, because then you can go to bed at night feeling good about yourself."

Those are the words of His Royal Highness Prince Harry, speaking in a brand new film for ITV which follows the Prince on his return to Lesotho in Africa. Setting up his charity Sentebale (translated as Forget Me Not) in the country 10 years ago, he's back to make sure the good work is being continued as he does his best to give to those less fortunate than he.

Speaking whilst in Lesotho, Prince Harry says: "The last 10 years that I've been coming here, every single time we turn up somewhere, they're always singing, it's never shake hands, it's sing, dance, embarrass yourself. Everywhere I look I can hear songs from 10 years ago in my head. To me, that's what this country is about, you just feel welcome everywhere you go."

Shadowed by broadcaster Tom Bradby during his initial charity set-up in the country, the pair reunite for an interview where the Prince reveals his motives for Sentebale, the passion he has for the future of his work in Africa and just how determined he is to ensure his position can be used to do good.

Following in the humanitarian footsteps of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince Harry sets off on yet another unforgettable adventures with cameras keeping a record of his journey every step of the way.

The film will also capture the moment Prince Harry is reunited with a local teenager named Mutsu, who the Prince first met a decade back during his first time in Lesotho, and with whom he's remained in regular contact with ever since. The pair share a bond despite their huge differences in lifestyle, as they've both grown up without a parent.

Prince Harry In Africa airs tonight (December 19) at 9pm on ITV.

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