Joining Neighbours as the villainous teacher Finn Kelly, we got the chance to catch up with actor Rob Mills to find out about the short future his character has, his hopes moving forward and more!

Rob Mills plays Finn Kelly in Neighbours

Rob Mills plays Finn Kelly in Neighbours

You’re new to the show; what can you tell us about your character Finn Kelly for anybody who’s playing catch up?

Finn is the new science teacher at Erinsborough High. He loves his job and thinks he can really make a difference to the lives of the children he teaches. He’s also very ambitious; a man who wants to leave a legacy behind when he’s gone. Which could be sooner rather than later.

What was it about Neighbours that drew you to getting involved and auditioning for the role?

Neighbours is Australia’s longest running soap. It’s a real honour to be a part of such a prestigious show. And I really loved the character. Charming, yet with a dark side.

Can you talk us through a typical day on the set of the show?

Arrive around 7am for makeup and of course coffee and a toastie from the café. Re-read through scenes in the chair, have a little run through in the green room with the cast. Head to either set or location and film scene. Change costume. And repeat. Some days I filmed up to 14 scenes. Other days only one. Just depends. I have loved every minute of it though. Learning so many scripts has been a real challenge.

Though Finn is on the surface the perfect teacher, he does have a couple of secrets, and tries to sabotage Elly and discredit Susan so he can take the head teacher’s role. What can you tell us about the future of this storyline?

At this stage, his time is nearly up. I’m hoping they bring Finn back later so he can redeem himself. He pretty much pissed off all of Erinsborough!

He swapped Susan’s medication and will go to extreme lengths to get what he wants; how far do you think he would go to get rid of Susan?

I think he would stop at nothing. He is on a relatively short timeline.

You spend a lot of on screen time with Jackie Woodburne, what is she like to work with?

Jackie is a saint! My first and last scenes were with Jackie. She’s a professional, approachable, and loves a laugh. I have learnt a lot from Jackie and feel chuffed to be able to call her a friend now.

How is the chemistry overall on the set of the soap?

Good chemistry and good vibes filter down from the top in any workplace. From the execs to the cast and crew, there is nothing but love, especially from those who’ve been there for years. Everybody welcomed me with open arms and I’ll be forever grateful. It’s a great place to work.

You’ve been involved in a lot of TV shows and formats; what have been some of your favourite moments to-date?

Playing Chris Bell in the Aussie tele-movie Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door. The cast was top notch, as was the director and crew. Joel Jackson played Peter to a tee and I really enjoyed being a part of a truly wonderful Aussie story.

Finally, what should we expect from you in the coming months?

I’m about to start Jesus Christ Superstar in Melbourne (as Jesus!), and then I will be touring Australia with the British version of Puttin On The Ritz. After this last trip to London, which I bloody loved! – I am hoping to move over and try my luck on the West End and in TV and film. Fingers crossed!

Neighbours continues on Channel 5, weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.

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