Sam Faiers is back with her second fragrance following the success she saw with her debut, this time calling the perfume 'Pure', making it the third product in the By Samantha range.

This as well as the Glow by Samantha self-tan which will be released later this month marks just the next step in Sam's booming beauty empire, and we caught up with the former TOWIE star to find out more about her endeavours.

You're releasing second fragrance Pure - how does this new perfume smell?

I would say that it's quite fruity, it's very fresh and something that you could wear every day. when I spray it I think it's really uplifting and really citrusy, there's a lot of fruit. There's a bergamot in there, there's lime, there's zest, there's vanilla. So for me, one word to describe it would be 'fresh', and 'pure' - hence the name!

You saw big success with your debut fragrance, how did that feel?

Amazing and obviously the follow-up was instantly something that I wanted to bring out, and make it a totally different vibe, but at the same time I still wanted it to look like part of the family, so the bottles are fairly similar, not a million miles away from each other, and I wanted it to look very premium and look lovely on a dressing table and feel like a real gift and like you're spoiling yourself when you buy it.

How involved have you been in the creation process with Pure?

Very involved. Across every single meeting. Down to letting them know the scents that I like, to choosing the scents, the packaging, the bottle, the photoshoot... every last little detail I was across. Even the inside panel of the box we changed twice! That's the sort of perfectionists we are.

What sort of woman would you say the new fragrance is for?

I don't want to say anyone in particular, but I feel like this is for someone... every day. Whether you're going to school, whether you're going to work, whether you're going shopping or just lounging around the house, it's not a sickly smell it's something that's really light and fluffy, so anyone can wear it.

There are a lot of celebrity fragrances on the market, what makes yours stand out?

I just feel like I'm so involved and I'm across everything when it comes to my brand. Obviously with my fragrance before it's really important for it to reflect me and my personality and everything, all the hard work and effort I've put into it I hope that people know I'm not just putting my name to something, because it is genuinely something that I really enjoy and feel really passionate about.

You're also releasing your debut self-tan line Glow by Samantha, when will that be available?

That's out this month as well!

Why should people use self-tanner instead of other methods?

I just think it's all well and good having a real tan and going on holiday, don't get me wrong I love a holiday, but I think as we're getting older as a woman and as I'm getting older, I think it's really important to protect my skin, so I might not lay in the sun nowhere near as long as what I used to, so for me it's really important to always have a great self-tan. I'm very aware that there's a lot out there, competition, there's a lot of tans in the market, but I feel like mine does stand out a little bit differently than the rest. I have an aromaguard for one which gets rid of that sickly fake tan smell which we all don't like, then it's got the natural organic ingredients in it. So if you've got dry skin or you get irritated by certain things, this should be absolutely fine for people that don't have normal skin. And also it's got a real range in it, so whether you like the full-blown sparkly tan or you just want a gradual tan, it's something for everyone. And I've got the moisturiser, the whole kit and I've got the whole mit as well! There's a lot!

Do you have any other ideas for the future in building your beauty empire?

Well I've got the lashes under my brand, I'd really like to grow the lash range, I've only got three sets of lashes and I think there's definitely room for more there. I always listen to my feedback from my customers and people that buy my brand. People love my lashes and they're like; 'oh how about you try this?', so I'm always looking out for new ideas. Obviously I love anything beauty, I'm a real girl's girl, in terms of makeup or hair or anything like that, it's an endless line of things I can do, but at the moment I'm just focusing on the tan and the fragrance, but I look forward to seeing what I probably could do in the future, I'm just gonna make my own little empire!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Has Billie given you any top tips on becoming a mum?

Thank you! Well I have been with Nellie every single day of her life so I've been there from day one, which obviously for me is great, so I've had that fresh experience already with Nellie being around, I know it's gonna be different when I have my own. My whole family, we've got a lot of children in our family and I've got a lot of cousins so, I've always been prepared!

Finally, there was talk about you and Billie working on your own reality show, when should we expect to see you on-screen again?

It's something that we would love to do. I've been off telly now for a little while, working on my brand and clothing lines and stuff, but next year it's something that I really want to do. I have to take one step at a time, obviously now I'm gonna become a mum, but I would love to go back onto the telly. I'm not sure what yet!

Pure is available now at The Fragrance Shop in-store and online at, and at Argo in-store and online at

Glow will be available this month at selected high street retailers.

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