Steve Miller

For a new TV show, Queen of Controversy Katie Hopkins is showcasing her latest attention seeking stunt. This time she’s piling on the pounds to prove just how easy it is to shed them, but little does she realise she’s completely missing the point.

As a weight loss expert I use straight talking methods and believe that shock tactics are fine, but branding all fat people as lazy won’t help them lose weight. Unlike Katie I have a genuine interest in helping people shed the excess fat by changing their lifestyle rather than just shaming them.

Katie Hopkins is only in it for herself and her only interest is to raise her profile and gain attention, when in fact obesity is a really serious issue.

She is in no position to be discussing obesity because as far as I know, she’s never been overweight and so, she has no idea how difficult the process can be.

As a former fatty, I know just how hard it can be to force yourself to do something about it, but what Katie fails to realise is that being fat isn’t just a physical issue, it’s also in the mind.

Katie isn't in a position to talk about how easy it is to shed weight because there’s a lot more to it than that.

Proving you can lose weight in a short amount of time like Katie is doing is completely pointless and unhealthy. Learning to maintain mindful eating and a healthy lifestyle is what it should be about and that is a lot more difficult to achieve than just shedding excess pounds.

I do love a good weight loss story, but this method is all wrong. She’s doing something that’s all about her and no one who is overweight will look to her for inspiration as she isn’t remotely interested in helping them.

In fact, her fat shaming approach is likely to even demotivate fat people because she doesn’t understand the position they’re in.

When you’re overweight you often have issues with your self-esteem, and so someone saying it’s easy to lose weight and rubbing in the fact they’ve put on weight intentionally isn’t going to help.

Although, saying this, I doubt helping others has even crossed Katie Hopkins' mind. As long as she’s benefitting, she probably couldn’t care less.

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