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In a season that was shrouded in mystery, heartbreak and a heavy dose of violence, True Detective came to an end on Sky Atlantic with triumph, and a build of excitement for the next.

That show soon comes to DVD and Blu-Ray, looking sharper than ever and packing more of a punch the second time around as you pick up on things you may not have done with your first viewing.

No silly twists or turns plague this series and with some of the best acting ever seen in a show of its kind, Matthew McConnaughey and Woody Harrelson prove just why they're veterans of the field, weaving witty one-liners and slick charm between hefty dialogue that won't let you lose focus for a minute.

Credit: Sky Atlantic

And let us not forget Michelle Monaghan, who plays the broken-down wife looking for revenge so perfectly.

At times we love the leads and all those who come with them, but at others - when we see them at their most flawed and grotesque - we wonder if we should really be cheering these guys on.

Be warned: this is a show that requires you pay attention at every second, because if you miss one minor detail you may be running to Wikipedia for an episode synopsis of what you've just watched.

Credit: Sky Atlantic

The villains of this series are all the more terrifying, because they're very much believable. If this was something you heard about the news, you'd be shocked and disgusted for sure, but it wouldn't blow your mind as being out of the realm of possibility.

An ending that is completely satisfying draws things to a close, and though the excitement of a brand new cast in the second season isn't one to be down-played - especially with Brad Pitt in talks for one of the lead roles - the partnership of Cohle and Hart is one you'll instantly miss.

DVD and Blu-Ray special features:

-Inside The Episode
-Making True Detective
-Matthew/Woody 'Buddy' pieces
-Deleted Scenes
-A Conversation With Nic Pizzolatto and T Bone Burnett
-Audio Commentary on Episode 4 with Series Creator/Executive Producer/Writer Nic Pizzolatto and Composer T Bone Burnett
-Audio Commentary on Episode 5 with Series Creator/Executive/Writer Nic Pizzolatto. Composer T Bone Burnett and Executive Producer Scott Stephens

Blu-Ray only:

-Episodic Previews
-Episodic Recaps

True Detective is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from June 9.

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