The Alpro yoghurt range are all 100% plant based, naturally low in saturated fat, lactose and gluten free. They are also a source of calcium, vitamins B12, B2 and D2. But with those benefits set aside- what do they taste like?

Alpro Yoghurt Pots

Alpro Yoghurt Pots

Alpro Pineapple- Passion Fruit and Peach

This flavour combines both rich and creamy yoghurt with a tropical twist. The peach contains little juicy pieces that pop up with every mouthful and the pineapple and passion fruit has tiny strings of pineapple that offers sharpness against the thick yoghurt.

I personally thought these were perfect for pairing with other tangy fruits, like tinned peaches, mandarins and of course- pineapple chunks. They were ideal for overnight oats- mixed in with one of the three fruits the night before for a quick and easy breakfast.

Alpro Raspberry-Cranberry and Blackberry

I am a huge fan of berries in the morning so these were ideal to pour over some defrosted mixed berries- offering a cool and refreshing breakfast option.

I found these the most moreish of all and unfortunately couldn’t stop at just one. But if you have the self-discipline, they are a good way to make sure you don’t go over a certain amount- unlike the larger tubs where you can be a bit more liberal with your spoonfuls.

Alpro Blueberry and Cherry

These flavours are smoother but still capture the juicy flavours of the fruits. I don’t know about you- but I like to play a little game of matching the fruits to the flavours- so the blueberry goes really well with a heap of fresh or frozen blueberries and the cherry- well you get the picture. But the way I see it- anything that encourages you to eat more fruits than you normally would is a good thing. These are a great topping for bulking out a fruity breakfast.

I enjoyed all the flavours of yoghurts but my preference would be for the berry varieties over the tropical fruits. I think they work better with the creaminess of the yoghurt and smell better when you pull back the paper lid- most peach and pineapple flavoured yoghurts have an intense smell when you first open them and these are no exception.

Great for people on diets who want to restrict their intake of sweet treats and who get a craving for something naughty after dinner. Luckily at around 100 calories per pot- you don’t need to break the calorie bank by tucking in to any of them.

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