Andrea and Gavin Gamby-Boulger set up Wetnose Animal Aid in the year 2000, a unique non-profit organisation raising funds for sick animals in care across the UK. 

Amanda Holden for Wetnose Day 2019

Amanda Holden for Wetnose Day 2019

Since then, Wetnose Animal Aid has grown with incredible celebrity support, has raised over £265K and given to small animal rescues centres all over the UK, organised stunning award events celebrating the heroes across the UK who dedicate their lives to care for abused, sick and unwanted animals. 

Wetnose Animal Aid has organised fund raising concerts, has been to Afghanistan, Romania and Bulgaria to save animals with their celebrity supporters.

This year, the accolade of Animal Loving Celebrity for Wetnose Day 2019 goes to Amanda Holden

She said; 

"As a family we have two adorable dogs, Buddy and Rudie, who are loved and cherished every single day. Sadly some animals are abandoned, unwanted or mistreated, finding their way to rescue centres. The thought of any pet suffering or being abandoned is unthinkable to me but this does sadly happen, and is on the rise. This is why I'm so keen to support Wetnose Day.   

Animal Rescue Centres across the UK are in desperate need of funds so they can rescue, rehabilitate and rehome pets. These centres are experiencing fewer donations but an increasing number of animals. 

Many of the smaller sanctuaries are full to bursting and need help to buy food, equipment and pay large vet bills. Please join me and support those without a voice. 

Join Wetnose Day this September 20th and let's all ensure every animal, no matter how big or small, finds their forever home."

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