Today is National Liquorice Day and it made me salivate at the thought of a childhood favourite- the bags of liquorice we used to buy in Lakeland every time we went on holiday in the Lake District.

Australian Soft Eating Liquorice

Australian Soft Eating Liquorice

We would buy it under the ruse that it would be eaten in moderation and only consumed for a little energy boost while on walks- but really- it's because we wanted to scoff it in front of the TV back at the caravan! 

In the spirit of nostalgia, I went hunting for this beloved treat on the internet- already resigned to the fact that it wouldn’t fit in with my new vegan lifestyle. Alas, when I looked on the Lakeland website- it said ‘suitable for vegetarians AND vegans’ in the blurb.

Well, it made my day and it’s sure to make someone else’s too which is why I had to share the good news.

If you have never tried it- below is a little more about the product- but I can assure you- it’s well worth sampling. The only drawback is that you might end up eating the whole bag- I know I have done this many times before. In fact, my mum gave me a bag as part of an early birthday present last year and guess what? They didn't last until my birthday- shhhh! 

My preference is the strawberry flavour as I am not a fan of original tasting liquorice- so the fruiter flavours are ideal if you’re like me- as they don’t taste anything like liquorice. But of course there is the original option if you crave a more traditional sweet. 

About Australian Soft Eating Liquorice

Half a kilo of deliciously soft, melt-in-the-mouth liquorice strands. Unlike any liquorice you’ve ever tried before, this variety of our favourite Soft Eating Liquorice is something a little different for the lovers of the original black stuff in your life. Made from all-natural ingredients.

First recommended to us by a customer all the way back in 2003, this ‘totally moreish’ liquorice is unlike any other we’ve ever tasted… So we just had to help her out and lighten the overloaded suitcases of her friends and family by bringing it to these shores.

Almost two decades later, this Australian Soft-Eating Liquorice is still loved by everyone who tries it – even those who don’t generally like liquorice – and nowadays it comes in several all-natural fruity flavours as well as the traditional black. You can use it in your traybakes and cakes, too, not just for nibbling neat. The only problem is finding the will-power to share your bag… after all, some of its fans have confessed to getting through a large bag of this unique Aussie treat in just one sitting! (79.8p per 100g.)

Available now at and in stores- priced at £3.99 for a 500g bag. 

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