The Groovy Food Company (www. has collaborated with award-winning The Egg Salon ( to launch the UK's first deep conditioning blow dry treatment with organic extra virgin coconut oil.

yes another use for coconut oil!

yes another use for coconut oil!

The Coconut Oil Blow Dry was created by Technical Director Paul Standen May. Part of the winning team for the British Hairdressing Awards 2015 and previously National Educator for Wella Professionals, Paul has developed quick and easy styling solution that is also deeply moisturising; adding body and shine without the common harmful chemicals found in other hair care products.

The Coconut Oil Blow Dry heals and enriches the hair. The food-grade organic oil is naturally rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. It can help to improve scalp health as well as encourage hair growth. The coconut oil conditions each hair follicle from within, helping to protect from pollution and heat damage so you'll have nothing but healthy looking, bouncy hair.

Six Easy Steps for a Deep Coconut Conditioning Blow Dry:

Step 1: Scoop a generous amount of organic extra virgin coconut oil from the jar.

Step 2: Warm it up by rubbing it between your hands to soften it up thus making it easier to apply.

Step 3: Apply to dry hair and comb through to distribute it evenly.

Step 4: Wait for 20 minutes, so the oil has time to sink into the hair and be absorbed into the follicles.

Step 5: Rinse hair then shampoo it gently using a soft shampoo to stop there being any oily residue. You don't need to apply conditioner as normal.

Step 6: Use a large round brush and blowdry your hair as normal but leave out any additional products.

Result: Sleek, shiny and soft hair using only natural products.


The Groovy Food Company Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (283ml and 500ml) - This high grade virgin coconut oil is produced with the freshest coconuts, handpicked from certified organic plantations.

The coconut's crisp white flesh is cold pressed so that every drop of delicious oil is squeezed out whilst retaining the fruit's natural goodness, including its many health and beauty benefits.

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