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Image courtesy of Pixabay

Soulful Food 

Soulful Food - the creators of healthy and nutritious comfort food has launched PlantBox, its new range of hearty and delicious, plant-based meals for those in need of a convenient, nutritious and totally irresistible dish. 

Each of the hassle-free meals are packed full with veg, plant-based protein and sustaining carbs, such as grains, lentils or beans, to help nourish the body and soul. With a large proportion of us working from home, cooking a wholesome meal from scratch is not always possible - we need someone else to do the hard work so we can take time to recharge. This is where Soulful Food steps in - the mouth-watering recipes ensure meal times are seriously satisfying, with no compromise on taste and quality.

Bursting with flavours inspired by the four corners of the globe, the PlantBox range allows you to treat yourself to an evening of comfort; relishing in the array of aromatic spices and textures that Soulful Food has to offer. 

Soulful Food PlantBox range is 100% plant-based with an RRP of £3.50. The range available to purchase at Whole Foods as well as online at: 

Vibrant Vegan 

Vibrant Vegan is a plant-based food subscription company that makes healthy vegan ready meals, whilst staying eco-friendly and helping disadvantaged children around the world. For each meal that is bought, money will be donated to WarChild to feed a vulnerable child.

There are currently 18 different dishes to choose from with new meals coming out very soon!

As well as making your own box, meals can be purchased in various boxed selections such as Calorie Controlled, Lean Protein, Slow Burning Carbs and Chef’s Selection – so customers can eat, nutritionally balanced, convenient meals, so they can thrive in their busy lives. Current meals include Diavolo Spaghetti Seitan Balls, Malaysian Dumplings on rice noodles, Piri Piri Jambalaya with turmeric brown rice and lentils, Tokyo Chick Katsu and Super mac & cheese. You can check them all out here:


allplants was founded by brothers JP and Alex Petrides, allplants run Europe’s largest plant-based kitchen – a newly-opened 20,000 square feet kitchen in London. The vegan food delivery service makes it easy and exciting to eat more plants, with its delicious, chef-made meals, breakfasts, and desserts delivered to your door. Since launching in 2017, allplants have been a nationwide hit, with over 1 million dishes served and a clean sweep of Great Taste awards.

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