Vegans have been drinking it for years, but only recently have others started to catch on to the miraculous power of this little wonder seed. Making a small change and choosing to drink hemp milk can have a huge impact on the world around you- after all, nothing changes if nobody changes.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

But what exactly is it - and is it why is it so amazing? Here are five reasons why you should be drinking hemp milk now.

It's good for you

Drinking hemp milk is really really good for you. The plant has a very unique nutritional make up and it is jam packed with goodness you would not expect from a plant milk. It's full of omegas, important for heart health, help inflammation and improve skin, hair and nails. Just two glasses of hemp milk has more omega-3 than at tuna steak.

For anyone with milk allergies, lactose, soy or nut allergies, hemp is a great alternative. With Vitamin E for healthy skin and nails, iron for healthy blood and potassium to help your organs do their thing, hemp hits the nutritional jackpot.

It's carbon negative

Hemp gives back more than it takes. It nourishes the soil it grows in, and removes C02 from the environment. This little “vacuum cleaner for the air” breathes in two times more carbon dioxide than it releases, and four times more than trees. One hectare of hemp can absorb 22 tonnes of C02 per hectare, offsetting the carbon footprint of two cars for a year.

It is the most sustainable milk choice

Hemp milk is the most planet friendly milk choice. Other milks have been linked to deforestation (soya milk) and excess water use (almond milk) and high pesticide use (rice milk), whereas hemp is a non GMO plant, and is grown without herbicides or pesticides giving us cleaner air, land and water. Essentially growing hemp replenishes the earth with more than it takes. Because of this, there is no need to leave fields lie fallow.

It's a source of protein

Anyone who has cut down on their meat intake will know that getting the right amount of protein can be a struggle. Hemp is one of the highest sources of plant based protein- gram for gram, hemp seeds are higher in protein than beef!

It tastes great in coffee

Non dairy milks can be notoriously difficult to get right in coffee, splitting or reacting with the taste. Hemp goes especially well with coffee. It has a creamy consistency that tends to be a bit thicker than skim milk and other milk alternatives. Hemp is a favourite with baristas for foam art, and earlier this year Good Hemp launched Barista Seed Milk, specially for your morning cup of joe. No more crying over split milk!