I have been using coconut oil for a while now and am a complete convert. I have thrown away all of my other products and only ever use this on my face. So the only question left is which one do I stick with?

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

Well Lucy Bee is a strong contender. The main reason is that I can buy it in my local Asda supermarket (£9.95). I don't have to make a separate trip for it to a specialist store- I can just add it in with my regular shop.

Another plus point is that it has a much smoother consistency than other coconut oils I have used. Previous brands have been a little grainy and taken a while to melt, but Lucy Bees is smooth as soon as you take it out of the jar and apply it to your face.

I tried to use the oil on a morning and on a night, but I do find it too heavy during the day. I don't usually wear anything on my face so the slightest thing and I know about it. I personally only use it at night as my skin seems to soak it up really fast.

As it's been peak cold and flu season I inevitably got sick and after continuously blowing my nose, it became red and sore. I applied a little more coconut oil around this area and the dry skin and sensitivity went in a matter of days.

Since I have started to use coconut oil I have been telling people about when they've asked me what I use on my skin. After singing its praises, my Grandma has moved onto it- she always has a healthy glow now- and at the weekend my mum tried it out too.

She always uses expensive face wipes to remove her make up so she did that first and THEN used the coconut oil. There was still lots of make-up residue on the pad and she said she felt like she had taken years' worth of build up from her face.

Clearly Lucy Bee coconut oil leaves other make-up removers standing as it can remove what the others leave behind. Mum has a jar in her cupboard at home and has now decided to use it not only for cooking but as part of her beauty routine too.

Lucy Bee is also unrefined- which has many benefits over cheaper refined options.

The tub lasts a long time too as you only need a small amount on your make-up pad- when it melts a little bit goes a long way. Spending ten pounds might seem like a lot, but when you compare it to the other products you would use in the same time, it's all relative. If you usually buy expansive products it will actually save you money as you can use it for cleansing and moisturising!

The only time I complain about Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is when it runs out!

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