Before I began exploring veganism, I had no idea that Alicia Silverstone was such a big advocate for the plant based diet.

The Kind Diet

The Kind Diet

I started watching her videos on You Tube and I learned more in the few hours she spoke at various different venues than I did from all of my other research.

Sadly, the last time I saw Silverstone was in Clueless and it was hard at first to separate the actress from the character. Once I was able to pull one away from the other I could concentrate and pay closer attention to her words.

Like most vegans, Silverstone started as a meat eater and then she had her lightbulb moment- something a lot of us can understand.

Although The Kind Diet is a recipe book, rather than a snappy introduction, half of the book is concerned with some background on Silverstone and how to decide if you're going to be a flirt with veganism or a full on superhero.

A flirt is someone who is testing the water and substituting some things for others in order to make small and steady changes.

A superhero is someone who has already made the decision to be vegan- is living it as they read but wants to hone it in to be the healthiest they can possibly be. This comes from not eating any processed foods, avoiding certain healthy foods that in excess can cause health problems and being more experimental with your food.

Silverstone has a wonderfully chatty style that is easy to read and digest. I read the first half of her book in one night and learned a lot but also recapped some facts and figures. Even though there are things in the book I knew already- it always helps to recap and reinforce why you are continuing with this lifestyle.

There is nothing forceful or dictatorial about this book- it simply equips you with all the information you need to make a choice.

It was helpful to learn a bit more about Silverstone's journey because a lot if it is relatable. It makes you feel less guilty about a time when you were too a little naïve about how meat reaches your plate.

I realise the book has been out a while but I hope that my review encourages a new wave of people to buy it.

An enlightening and enjoyable read- with recipes at the end if you want to put theory into practice!

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