Every month vegan writer Victoria Featherstone Pearce shares her top vegan and sustainable finds. All tried and tested by Victoria.

Victoria Featherstone Pearce

Victoria Featherstone Pearce

It’s always great to find new vegan and sustainable brands to try and it’s my passion to pass them on and spread the vegan love and help our world to be a more sustainable and ethical place!

1- Ohelo insulated stainless steel Water Bottle £30.00 (500ml bottle)

In the UK we use an estimated 13 billion plastic bottles per year. 5.5 billion are not recycled! To add to this environmental tragedy there are also catastrophic health consequences.Each plastic bottle leak harmful chemicals into the environment as it decomposes.

Studies show that the toxins decomposing bottles of water leach into our environment cause a variety of health issues, including reproductive problems and cancer. If you feel the Ohelo bottle is pricey then think again.

The average cost of a 1 litre bottle of water in the UK is 65p. In contrast the cost of 1 litre of tap water sits at only 0.1 pence, making bottled water a whopping 650 times more expensive than its tap alternative.

I feel plastic one use bottles will soon have be a thing of the past and I’m already making the Ohelo part of my daily routine.

Lightweight & stylish & keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, cold for up to 24 hours while more importantly saving our planet too.

These stylish Eco warriors at Ohelo also do matching reusable tumblers too.


2- Oggs

Oggs vegan cakes are simply delicious and VERY moreish. I defy you to eat one without an overwhelming urge and difficulty to fight the urge to have another! (and in my case another....) The whole range is simply to die for and I should know as I’ve tried them all.

Victoria sponge, Zesty lemon mini cakes, Chocolate fudge and mini vanilla cupcakes, all super yummy with a cuppa (super yummy without the Cuppa come to that). But Oggs is more than just moorish cakes.

Whether your motivation is a vegan diet, environmental animal cruelty or you just love amazing tasting cake by choosing Oggs then you have it all covered.

All Ogg’s packaging is made from either 100% recycled, plant-based or sustainably sourced materials. All of the packaging is recyclable or compostable and even if the Ogg’s specially recycled plastic ends up in landfill it will completely biodegrade!

I can tell you with all certainty that the taste is certainly not compromised but with each mouthful you can be guaranteed not to be adding to animal cruelty and environmental issues by your choice of cake.

With Oggs you can literally have your cake and eat it too!


3- Mermaid Pink Gin

£37.75 70cl 38%

Introducing Mermaid Pink Gin, a vibrant and aromatic infusion of island strawberries with the smooth yet complex taste of the award-winning Mermaid Gin, a blend of lemon zest, grains of paradise and fragrant rock samphire. Perfectly balanced, subtle yet vibrant, less sweet than most pink gins with no added sugar.

That's what the guys and girls from the Isle of White distillery would have you believe. Let me tell you it didn’t disappoint!

Now I’m not a big drinker but if I am going to try something in the rare occasion I do then it needs to be top shelf.

Mermaid pink is both vegan and gluten free, was refreshing to the taste and really well balanced without losing the taste of the Gin.

I’ve it with a variety of tonics which is an important consideration and it didn’t disappoint with any of them.

Whether you are a hard core gin junky or an occasional drinker of gin, Mermaid Pink Gin will make a really fun addition to your drink cabinet.

Mermaid Pink Gin is presented in a plastic-free bottle, as credited by A Plastic Planet and features a compostable tamper-proof seal, biodegradable labels and natural cork stopper and a stylish bottle design which is cyclical too for those eco drinkers.

Available at Marks & Spencer, John Lewis & Harvey Nichols


4- Your Zooki vitamin C sachets

Box of 30 £39.99 or £33.99 repeat order

Tiredness is one of the most common reasons for people to visit their GP in the UK.

What many people don't know is that you can reduce tiredness by increasing your Vitamin C intake. 

Taking a vitamin C capsules help but for those looking for something more powerful- You Zookie sachets deliver at the nano-level (super small) in something called "Liposomes" a nano encapsulation technology which has been very successful in drug and nutrient systems enabling very targeted delivery.

This delivery platform makes it easier for you cells to absorb Vitamin C, meaning more Vitamin C is absorbed rather than wasted, this means your body derived more benefit from it. Yes, you learn something new every day, I had no idea what ‘liposomes’ were ether.

The handy 15ml vitamin C sachets are so easy to use and taste great ether straight from the sachet or mixed into water, smoothies, shakes, yoghurt, porridge, granola and more. I knew Vitamin C was important but had no idea it had so many other health benefits and can help with fatigue (something I suffer from due to sleep apnea). Other benefits include protection against oxidative stress, increased iron absorption, promoting healthy gums, teeth, cartilage, blood vessels, bones and nervous system. And it’s also amazing for your skin.

Vitamin C synthesises the most prevalent protein in the human body: collagen. Collagen acts as the scaffolding that holds up the skin, preventing wrinkles and sagging, and also supports the building block proteins for our hair and nails. An essential for any complete anti-ageing/beauty routine.

As they say health is wealth and time is the real currency in our lives.


5- Mango Girl Body Butters 

£15.00 per 150g tin

Mango Girl is the new handmade all natural velvety body butter on the block.

It’s not only organic, luxurious and cruelty free there’s 5 different Mango Girl body butters to choose from.

I tried the naked butter which smelt divine!

There’s also Hemp, Shea Avocado,Mango & Coconut.

The mango Girl won the luxlife 2020 award for best handmade hair and skin product and I can see, smell and feel why.

This versatile body butter can be used full body and even on hair as a hair mask. The coconut oil moisturises dry hair, adds shine and smells incredible. Free from artificial colourants, fragrances and preservatives. The packaging is plastic free too.

My skin felt so soft after using it and a little goes a long way too so good value for money.

With every product you buy Mango Girl donates 10p in transforming communities in Northern Ireland and Jamaica through The Mango Girl CIC.

Their mission ...

“To empower women to live their best lives through training and writing”

So everyday you can apply this body butter in the knowledge you are supporting something truly worthwhile and life changing. Beauty inside that shines out.


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