My husband has actually uttered the words- ‘you can’t use coconut oil for everything you know!’- but I say you can use it for a lot! It’s a versatile, and vegan friendly product that I have been using for about a year now so I am going to share with you the 10 things I use it for in my household if you have a pot lying around or want to give it a try.

As a hand cream...

As a hand cream...

Face Wash

I wet a flannel under the shower so it’s lovely and warm, scoop out a good chunk of coconut oil with it then wash my face with that every morning. It saves me having to put it on as moisturiser- although it mostly washes off in the shower- it still leaves some residue on my skin to see me through the day.

Lip balm

I have a little container and I scooped some of the coconut oil from the larger jar I have to carry around with me. It works just like a other tubs on the market, you just screw off the lid- put a little on your finger and rub it in- voila.


I am not going to lie- I have very ugly feet. They are dry, cracked and have lots of hard skin- sexy, I know. So I decided that I wasn’t going to live like this anymore. Now I pop some coconut oil on my feet before bed time so it has chance to soak in and put some socks on so it doesn’t get all over the bedsheets. Then when I wake my feet are deliciously soft and ready for the day. Plus they are already summer ready!

Hand cream

I get hard skin around my nails beds and got into the habit of moisturising my hands with hand cream every night. Then I thought- why?  I can just use coconut oil for this too! So I finished up with my other cream and started using this and it does exactly the same job- just don’t put it on and then try and use your phone, I pad or laptop- they no like greasy hands!


Coconut oil is perfect for shaving because it moisturises as you remove the hair so if you are prone to getting dry patches post shave- this will sort them out- it worked for me. One warning- make sure you wash the shower down thoroughly afterwards as the floor can get quite slippery- it is oil after all. You might want to invest in a rubber mat with suckers on for the shower tray to give you extra grip.

Leave in Conditioner

Rather than forking out for different products- I decided to use it on my hair too. I just pop some on- comb it through and leave it on overnight. Then I wash it out in the morning and- hey presto- my hair is all shiny with little effort required.

Make Up remover

I love to get in after a night out and watch my makeup disintegrate under the power of coconut oil. I don’t wear foundation very often so when I do- there is nothing more satisfying than taking it all off so my skin can breathe again.

Night cream

This really leads on from the last point- if you remove your make up with coconut oil, rinse it off and pat it dry, this will leave a thin layer of it on your face so it will keep working on your skin through the night. Minimal effort- maximum results!

Sun burn

After a particularly long day at a theme park lately- I caught the sun badly. In the absence of any after sun- I put some coconut oil on the red bits and by morning its was much less sore and I have not had any flaky skin either.


Next time you grab your deodorant- check out the ingredient list on the back- it will horrify you. All I do is take a cotton pad, scoop out some coconut oil and spread it around my underarm area and let it dry. I put it on before I do my hair and makeup so it has time to soak in- then it won’t mark my clothes. It won’t conflict with your perfume because it’s a subtle scent but if you do get up close and personal with your pits they will have a faint whiff of coconut- not sweat!

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