Social media is a huge part of our lives and gives us control of what sort of images and media we want to consume. If you’re participating in Veganuary then flooding your feed with the best vegan accounts will help keep you motivated and inspired. I’ve collected together some of the accounts which I find super useful, fun and inspiring – hopefully they’ll help you on your journey too!

Nicole Whittle

Nicole Whittle

Junk Food

@fatgayvegan – The man to follow if you want to know about the newest vegan products to hit the supermarket shelves, where to go for the best vegan street food (he organises Hackney Downs Vegan Market) and the odd piece about vegan companies and start ups.

@accidentallyvegan – Some mainstream, easy to find and wonderfully lazy foods are ‘accidentally vegan’. This is the account which tracks these products and includes wonders like Tesco Dark Chocolate Digestives, Yeo’s Satay Sauce and BBQ Rib Flavour Doritos. When foods are accidentally vegan rather than intentionally they come without the expensive ‘free from’ price tag.


@veganmakeupuk – The cruelty-free and vegan resource that lets you know what beauty items and brands you can grab on the high street and online. Veganising your makeup bag is typically a longer process than switching up your diet so this resource is great for aiding those wanting to go cruelty-free.

@delorialondon – Deloria is a gorgeous vegan and cruelty-free beauty blogger that shares her latest purchases and favourite products. She also gives detailed reviews of vegan beauty products on her blog.


@deliciouslyella – Perfect for those wanting to reap the health benefits from going vegan. Deliciously Ella provides wonderfully simple and nutritious recipes which are great for beginners. Some of her recipes can contain quite expensive ingredients but there are also plenty available for those on a budget. – ‘Simple recipes. Unbelievable results.’ The pair behind BOSH! film simple and easy to watch recipes videos which are all vegan. Their more recent videos have included: Not Pigs in Blankets, Ice Cube Tray Canapes and Chocolate Pudding Cake.


@princessoftheunicorns – Izzi is the colourful vegan fitness inspiration that will keep you on track in January. Her feed is full of body poses, healthy meals and the occasional dog. I particularly love watching her regular insta-stories which are always full of gym work outs and hipster hang outs.

@theplantpoweredpt – An award winning personal trainer with gorgeous hair and a handsome smile that wants to ‘transform your body and our planet’. His account includes a lot of fuelling foods, exercises and some inspiring before and after shots.

Happy following and best of luck with Veganuary!

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