Every woman has her favourite shade of nail varnish for everyday use or for that special occasion, so here are out top picks for those seeking the cruelty free and vegan varieties.  

What's your favourite shade?

What's your favourite shade?

Peel-Off Polish 

For nailistas that love to update their nail polish as much as they change their outfits, SensatioNail  have announced they will launch their first collection of peel off polishes this Summer. Peel-Off  Polish combines water-based color, high gloss and peel-off removal technology to create an ultra-fast, ultra-shiny, ultra-gentle breakthrough polish formula. The introductory range of 10 polishes will be available from www.sensationail.co.uk from May.

SensatioNail Peel-Off polish glides onto buffed nails in one stroke, dries in minutes, doesn't damage  nails, and best of all doesn’t require nail polish remover. Nail addicts can simply PEEL the polish off  from the cuticle end when they are ready for a change of colour.

The beauty of Peel-Off Polish is that it lasts 1-2 days for those who like to swap their designs to  match their fashion. However, for nail junkies looking for longer-life, it’s possible to apply the  SensatioNail top coat over the Peel- Off polish, cure

for 30 seconds and wipe with cleanser.  Voila – Peel

Off Gel that will last up to a week.

Lacura Gel Nail Varnishes - £1.99 each

Perfect for at home manicures and complimenting your favourite colourful outfits, the Gel Nail Varnishes come in a range of fun pop shades: Pinky Nude, Stormy Grey, Exotic Pink, Coral Fusion, as well as a Top Coat. With no lamp required, the varnishes can be applied in two simple steps and cost only £1.99 

Dr's Remedy 

Discover Dr.’s REMEDY a NEW line of podiatrist formulated vitamin enriched nail care created by New York based board certified podiatrists, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel who founded the range to address the needs of their patients.

Both Doctors spent years of studying and training in the field of Podiatry. As board certified practicing Podiatric Surgeons they realised one of the top reasons patients came into their office was due to brittle and discoloured nails, often times associated with the harsh chemicals found in nail polish. As physicians they wanted only the best for their patients, inspiring them to create Dr.’s REMEDY.

Dr.'s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish contains a patented blend of naturally occurring, nourishing ingredients not found in traditional lacquers, which can minimise the appearance of dry brittle nails, hydrate nail cuticles and improve the wear-time of your nail colour, providing a high shine.

Each product is infused with a special blend of ingredients selected by Dr. Cirlincione and Dr. Spielfogel, which includes Organic Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein, Garlic Bulb extract and Lavender. Dr.’s REMEDY was the first nail polish to receive the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval.

Dr.'s REMEDY is a 7-free nail polish, each bottle is free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Parabens, Camphor, Xylene and Phthalates — all potential carcinogens.

Dr.'s REMEDY is Vegan friendly, it is suitable for individuals with yellow, discoloured nails and dry, brittle nails, as well as individuals with strong healthy nails who want to keep them that way. It is also suitable for diabetics, children and pregnant women looking to avoid harsh chemicals.

Dr.'s REMEDY can also be used in conjunction with topical fungus medications or nail fungus products and will not make the condition worse.

Create Beautiful Healthy Nails in 3 Easy Steps with Dr.’s REMEDY:

Step 1:

Apply Dr.’s REMEDY Basic Base Coat, £11.95 – A Clear Base Coat enriched with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Garlic Bulb extract, Lavender, Wheat Protein and Vitamins C and E.

Step 2:

Apply Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish, £11.95 – Choose from 38 vibrant shades enriched with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein, Garlic Bulb extract, Biotin and Lavender that will add a beautiful pop of colour and deliver a high-shine finish for a long lasting look.

Step 3:

Apply Dr.’s REMEDY Calming Clear Top Coat, £11.95 - An enriched top coat that finishes your manicure or pedicure with the perfect level of shine and durability.

The Treatment

Give your nails some TLC with Dr.’s REMEDY Hydration Nail Moisturiser, £11.95, a natural nail conditioner with Biotin (part of the complex of B vitamins, improves nail strength and durability) and Pentavitin (helps to deliver and retain moisture). Hydration is also enriched with whole wheat protein and four major vitamins. This clear coat helps moisturise, strengthen and protect the look of nails. Wear alone as a treatment or as a base coat under your favorite shade. For best results use alone for the first few weeks, apply twice a week.


Dr.’s REMEDY is available to buy online in the UK at www.feetlife.co.uk or call: Tel 01484 641010

SensatioNail Express Gel 

Do you love that high-gloss, chip-free finish of a salon manicure, but are sick of the price tag, lengthy appointments and awkward conversations with your manicurist?  Now you can get the professional look at home, in just 5 minutes with the new SensatioNail Express Gel £10.00 at Boots, www.boots.com and Sensationail.co.uk.

On the back of months of research, SensatioNail has created their next generation  Express Gel, a one step, LED activated lacquer that  simply glides on, cures, stays shiny and  lasts for up to 10 days. This new innovation in the nail world is the ONLY true 5 minute manicureno primer, no base coat, no top coat, no cleansing. Simply the easiest, and quickest way to get a true gel manicure, in the comfort of your own home.

SensatioNail Express Gel, £10.00, comes in 24 hues, offering something for every  nailista’s collection.  From classic, to fashion-forward, from gloss, to glitter and metallic's to nudes.

SensatioNail Express Gel Boasts:

- All in one formula

- No dry time

- Chip free nails for days

- No dulling

- No fading

- Long lasting finish

- High shine

As well as an array of individual polishes for beauty junkies who already own an LED lamp, SensatioNail Express Gel have also taken their two best-selling global shades and packaged them into a complete starter kit.

The SensatioNail Express Gel Starter Kit contains everything nail addicts need for over 25 gel manicures. This includes an LED lamp for curing and one of our most sought-after shades – ‘Made Him Blush’, or ‘Red Your Profile’. 


ECLECTIC, is unexpected and eccentric;  a collection of colours which successfully juxtaposes neutrals and bright. The six shades (Basel, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Singapore, Budapest, Firenze) each embody a vibrant, cosmopolitan international city, with an exciting  mix of autumnal nudes, bright pinks and greys. With an exuberant splash of vibrant shades, mixed with warm, more subtle tones, the ECLECTIC shades will compliment whichever style you choose this season.


Influenced by the shimmering, metallic nail trend from the SS17 catwalks, MAVALA is bringing the DISCO look back with a bang – think iridescent sparkle, shine and sheer party luxe. The range consists of six beautiful polychromatic colours, inspired by the fabulous 80s! Each polish includes unique pigments, with tiny glitter particles which reflect the light creating an amazing metallic look. The result is show stopping, party perfect nails.

Benecos Nail Polish in Blue Sky (£6.95)

Free from harsh ingredients such as toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and colophony, your nails will enjoy this natural nail polish that comes in a beautiful lilac-blue shade with a hint of sparkle.

Benecos Nail Polish in Crystal (£6.95)

benecos Crystal nail polish is a lovely clear nail varnish which can be used on its own to give shine to your nails and to give a little extra strength to nails without using a colour.  benecos crystal can also be used over the top of any coloured nail polish to give an extra protective coating. benecos nail varnishes are vegan friendly, free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates, clolphony, this natural nail varnish has not been tested on animal.

Benecos Nail Varnish – Desire (£6.96)

Nothing says Winter like a seductive deep berry nail!  Vegan friendly Benecos nail polish in Desire is free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates, clolphony, this natural nail varnish has not been tested on animals.

Renunail Nail Strengthener 

The award-winning nail strengthener will help transform your nails in just 28 days! Simply apply every day for 7 days, remove on day 7 and repeat until you have completed 4 weeks. The formula is enriched in calcium to strengthen damaged nails and camphor to soothe sensitivity as the nail grows. With one selling every 15 minutes, this is an absolute must-have!


RRP: £17.50

Stockist: Boots



Nail Polish £6.99 (currently on offer for £3.49)

Turn your fingertips into fashion statements with our range of 8-free Nail Polish. The fortifying polish helps to protect and strengthen your nails whilst also being chip resistant and easy to apply.

Available in 6 shades

Zoya Dream 15ml £11.00

This deep space-blue nail varnish provides full, opaque coverage and is packed with holographic, diamond-like glitter flecks.

Zoya Dream Nail Polish is free-from potentially harmful toxins that can be found in many nail varnishes. It's ideal if you're after a deep, rich polish that has a glittery shimmer.

Sparkly space-blue nail polish that's suitable for vegans

With rainbow holographic glitter

No formaldehyde, toluene, dibuytl phthalate or camphor

Zoya Jana 15ml £11.00

The colour of this nail varnish is best described as a medium-nude crème that has a matte-like look, with tones of mauve, grey and purple. An edgy but appropriate nude polish.

Zoya Jana Nail Polish is suitable for vegans and free-from potentially harmful toxins that can be found in many nail varnishes; formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor and DBP (dibutyl phthalate). If you want an edgy, and far from plain, nude polish, then Jana is for you.

Vegan nail polish with grey, mauve and purple tones

Subtle yet edgy nude shade

No formaldehyde, toluene, dibuytl phthalate or camphor

Stockist: Holland and Barrett 

Morgan Taylor Fables & Fairytales Collection

Once upon a time, the Fables & Fairytales from Morgan Taylor brought us all things sparkly, magical and mystical with a new Spring collection full of enchanting nail shades.

With shades of red pearl, pink and baby blues and iridescent hues, the new collection includes:

  • A Tale of Two Nails – Red Pearl
  • One Tough Princess – Pink Crème
  • Once Upon A Mani – Pale Pink Crème
  • Not So Prince Charming – Baby Blue Crème
  • Let Down Your Hair – Yellow Iridescent Crème
  • Magic Within – Alabaster Iridescent

The collection also includes the transformative Antique Coat, a semi-sheer bronze overlay that gives any colour an antique lustre.

RRP £10.99 each, available from Sally’s and www.sallyexpress.com

Red Carpet Manicure Soak Off Gel Polish Runway Fantasy Collection

Spring marks the return of pastels and florals – and we’re not just talking about your wardrobes. It’s the most playful season of the year, so why not add a pop of colour with Fantasy Runway from Red Carpet Manicure, the collection where fantasy meets reality with the chicest colours taken straight from the runway.

The Red-Carpet Manicure Fantasy Runway Collection includes shades of milky pastels, updated neutrals and on trend metallic making this collection a staple in your nail wardrobe.

Choose from (L-R):

  • Rapturous In RedClassic Red creme
  • Dress RehearsalSoft blue-grey creme
  • PR DarlingPale Lavender creme
  • Pink SilkRich Pink creme
  • First LooksChic Nude creme
  • All That SparklesGold Glitter

RRP £12.95 each, available from www.redcarpetmanicure.co.uk 


Colour your nails healthy this autumn and keep them looking tip top with Nailberry's new Le Noir Edit.

Using the L'Oxygéné 5 Free Oxygenated Technology formula, this innovative and breathable lacquer allows air and moisture to pass through the polish resulting in healthier, stronger nails.Inspired by a rich palette of autumnal hues including soft, muted lilacs, deep, vivid blues and rich, opulent reds mix and match your style and discover your perfect shade this autumn.

Le Noir Edit:

  • Meet this season's must-have accessory and lavish your nails in Stone as grey becomes the new black.
  • Opt for soft nude with the subtle and elegant touch of Mystere 's dusty lilac hues.
  • Add a vibrant yet delicate splash of colour this autumn with Fashionista's enticing shade of rosy pink.
  • Have a romantic affair with Noirberry's deep and seductive hints of red layered over a black base.
  • Capture the night and indulge in a midnight fantasy with Blueberry, Nailberry's deepest shade of blue.
  • Embrace your dark side and make a statement with Blackberry's sleek and dramatic tones.

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