While everyone else is reaching for the turkey, you can tuck into your very own nut or meat free roast on Christmas Day- here are some of the best on the market right now so you can stock up early! 

Christmas on Female First

Christmas on Female First

Butternut Squash Nut Roast Stacks by COOK

Brand new and vegan-friendly is COOK's Butternut Squash Nut Roast Stacks. A little bit nutty and a little bit sweet, they are perfectly balanced with pink onions and zingy cranberries. 

Available from your local COOK Shop or online at www.COOKfood.net/menu/Christmas With an RRP of £10 dish serves 2. 

With COOK in your kitchen, you can get on with the important bit of enjoying your Christmas. Cheers!

Clive's Organic Vegan Nut Roast

Our very special nut roast is packed with nuts and seeds, and can be enjoyed hot or cold with a delicious side salad or as the start turn in a memorable roast. It’s suitable for those following a vegan, and gluten free diet and certified organic by the Soil Association.

Tofurky Roast with Herb Gravy, £9.99 (available at Holland & Barrett)

Turkey is always a firm festive favourite; this meaty vegan roast will hold the perfect position at the centre of the table this year. Ideal for carving and sharing with the family, this super high in protein tofu joint filled with tasty wild rice stuffing will be a welcome addition. Pour over fragrant herb gravy and enjoy. 

Riverford Nut Roast

Champions of organic veg Riverford Organic Farmers have introduced a new and rather special addition to their Christmas range this year in the form of an organic, vegan nut roast made with a gluten-free recipe.

The recipe was written by Riverford cook Kirsty Hale, who is something of a recipe legend among staff and veg box customers.

The nut roast uses the grain amaranth in place of bread. Cultivated by the Aztecs, it’s one of the few ancient grains yet to have a renaissance as more and more people turn to plant-based diets. Kirsty loves an underdog and remembered its binding qualities when looking for something to replace breadcrumbs.

 The addition of butternut squash gives the recipe a subtle sweetness and moist consistency, and in true Christmas fashion, the recipe contains chestnuts, alongside walnuts, cashews and almonds.

The result is a rich, flavoursome and nutritious nut roast that won’t fail to impress. During the Riverford staff taste tests even the carnivores said they’d want some on their plate this year.

Kirsty explained, “We’re pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas in my family, and with vegetarians to cater for, that means a nut roast is as important as a roasted bird. After years of making a recipe garnered in the eighties, I wanted to keep the nutty, umami flavours we love but bring it up to date, and make it more accessible. I’m really proud of this dish, with its mix of old and new.”

Riverford make Christmas easy with their range of organic, ethically produced veg boxes, hampers, wine, cheese and more, all of which is delivered to customers’ doors for free in the run up to Christmas.

Riverford is accredited by The Soil Association, the UK's leading charity in organic food and farming, showcasing food as it should be. 

Visit Riverford.co.uk to see the full range and to order. 

VBites’ VegiDeli Seed Roast, £5.49 for 500g

The perfect centrepiece for a festive feast, VBites’ seed roast is made from sunflower and pumpkin seeds with a seasoned blend of chickpeas, mushrooms and leeks.

Tesco Festive Nut Roast £3.50 (480g)

This vegan pecan and peanut roast with maple-roasted carrot and parsnip makes a great alternative to the Christmas Day turkey. To finish, drizzle with the mulled wine and cranberry sauce. Alternatively, top the sauce on the nut roast five minutes before the end of cooking for a deliciously sticky glaze. Cooks from frozen in 50 minutes. 

Morrisons The Best Nut Roast

Made from walnuts and roasts peanuts, with roasted parsnip for sweetness, Vegetarian Society approved.

Available at Morrisons.

Wholefood Roast With Thyme Gravy 

Mini wholefood loaf made with sweet potato, pearl barley, spelt, quinoa, pumpkin seeds complete with a thyme gravy.

Available at Morrisons. 

Artisan Grains GF Cashew & Cranberry, Counrtry Veg and Cashew or Mediterranean Tomato Nut Roast

Nutty about Nut Roasts... A deliciously wholesome veggie loaf mix. Finally - a tasty Nut Roast mix that is so easy to make by simply adding water and baking in the recyclable oven tray provided! Our Nut Roasts are packed with nuts and make an amazing vegetarian & vegan loaf which can be enjoyed by all - offering a great and healthier protein alternative for you.

Available at Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Goodness Direct, Not From.Com, and many more!


Fry's Soy & Quinoa Country Roast 500g

Made from Soy and Quinoa a Vegan non GM Roast which high in Protein and Omega 3

The Fry Family Food Co powered by Nature's Plant Proteins are committed vegetarians, and embarked on a journey to make ethical and sustainable, high protein foods for their own family. The food they made in their home kitchen was loved by many of their friends and soon they found themselves on supermarket shelves. They are grateful to every customer who has chosen Fry's rather than an animal product and they hope they can make your journey to a meat free life a simple and enjoyable one.

Available from www.ocado.com

Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Beef Roast with Red Wine and Shallot Glaze 

Long hailed as a Great British favourite, the humble roast is the perfect dish for bringing friends and family together for a hearty, comforting meal. Here to revolutionise meal times, Linda McCartney’s has worked its meat free magic once again with the latest addition to its range, the Vegetarian Beef Roast with Red Wine & Shallot Glaze.

A delicately balanced rich red wine and sweet caramelised shallot glaze tops a flavourful beef-inspired soya base for an indulgent meal guaranteed to put a smile on any roast lover’s face. The deeper flavour profile of this roast is perfect for non-meat eaters looking to expand their repertoire.

What’s more, the latest addition to the range is available year-round, so whether you’re celebrating something special, or simply fancy a roast with all the trimmings, your meat free guests will always be happy. 

Inspired by Linda’s passion for making meat free eating as easy and accessible as possible, the roast is vegan-friendly and can be cooked from frozen. Just oven roast for 60 minutes for mouth-watering results, and with the delicious red wine and shallot glaze meaning there’s no need to make a gravy, you can enjoy your roast completely hassle-free!

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