If you’re looking for unique bridal shower gifts for your gal, then you’re in luck. We have the gist of all of the trendy and top bridal shower gifts your bride to be will undoubtedly fall in love with. While the wedding registry might be a good place to look for bridal shower gift ideas, it can be tricky as gifts for a bridal shower tend to be quite personal.

Bridal Shower credit Liza Litvinovich Photography

Bridal Shower credit Liza Litvinovich Photography

However, it is even better to have more than one option when you’re trying to make such a decision. To find that perfect, personal gift, perhaps try to consider the hobbies, favorite activities colors and travel destinations your friend loves. All of these are good indications of what type of gifts would be best.

To help you on your quest of finding what to give at a bridal shower, we’ve listed here a number of thoughtful bridal shower gifts that would impress any bride to be.

1. Bridal Gift Box

When searching for what to get a bride for a bridal shower, a bridal gift box is always a great idea. Getting one of the best bridal subscription boxes for your bride would be a perfect choice. Asides from their elegant and luxurious packaging, most bridal gift boxes contain cute items such as a personalized bridal robe. There might also be a delicate bride champagne flute and straw, perhaps a banner with the word, “Congrats” emblazoned across, and spa essentials. Miss To Mrs Box has different themed boxes that include unique branded items. Each box is suitable for a certain period of wedding preparation. What bride wouldn’t love such a gift.

2. Wedding Emergency Kit

Something a lot of brides might forget and would definitely appreciate for their shower is a wedding emergency kit. Since most events never go exactly as planned, it’s usually a good idea to be as prepared as possible on your wedding day. To be kept in the possession of the maid of honor, the basic kit would hold a variety of items. Ranging from a tiny sewing kit, to breath mints, tweezers, hair spray, fragrance, tissues, stain remover, lipstick, and so on.

3. Bridal Lingerie Set

You can never have enough lingerie, and even if the bride might already have a few for her honeymoon. A set of silky lingerie for her wedding night or any other day would be a gift that she would love. So, find a sleek, sexy number in a color that she likes and you would have discovered an appropriate bridal shower gift.

4. Custom Bridesmaid Gift Hanger

This beautifully personalized type hanger is one that is loved by most brides. If you’re looking for unique bridal shower gifts, this is definitely one. Asides from sitting pretty in the wardrobe, it will also make a great photo op for the bridal gown.

5. Honeymoon Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt that is perfect for the car or plane. After all of the hullabaloo, your bride would be more than happy to relax in something free, comfortable and lush. And so an adorable sweatshirt with the right inscription would be a welcome gift at the bridal shower.

6. "Married AF" Tote Bag

Lugging items around when seeing the sights on your honeymoon is something no one wants to partake in. However, an awesome "Married AF" tote bag could totally turn all of that around. A handy gift that can be personalized with even more interesting phrases of your choosing.

7. Wedding Ring Box

A stylish and elegant addition to her collection. A ring box, especially one uniquely engraved for her wedding would be a most appreciated gift. A cute place to store her wedding ring along with other little pieces of jewellery, is a unique bridal shower gift indeed.

8. Vintage-Inspired Locket

Another choice to consider when searching for what to buy for a bridal shower, is a vintage locket. It’s hard to beat anything vintage, and lockets are particularly cute and cherished by their owners. Whether it’s original vintage or vintage-inspired, can be best decided by you.

9. Cosmetics Bag

A good option you might prefer to the emergency kit is a cosmetics bag. A woman can never have too many. And one that is designed in line with the theme of a wedding would be particularly elegant and definitely worth having.

10. Initials Luggage TagA couple that loves to travel will definitely love luggage tags with their initials. Even if they’re not a country hopping duo, it would be a smart and attractive accessory for their luggage when they go on their honeymoon. This definitely falls into the category of creative bridal shower gifts from bridesmaids to the bride.


11. Spa Gift Card

Who wouldn’t need some prime relaxation while preparing for a wedding, or after the main event itself? Everyone loves a bit of pampering, and your bride would definitely enjoy this during the stressful and anxiety filled time of wedding preparation.

12. Naked Cashmere Puff Slipper

In keeping the best for last, we present you this dream of a gift. Your bride will feel like she is walking on clouds with a pair of 100% cashmere slippers. Great for relaxation, just being at home, or even for use while getting ready for the wedding.


While you might know your bride to be and what she would love, it’s not always easy finding the perfect bridal shower gifts. This list of unique and thoughtful pieces are gifts that will definitely put a smile on the face of any bride. So, don’t get stuck searching for bridal shower gifts for the bride, and make your pick.

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