Www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk have found that the first dance at weddings between the bride and the groom is dropping from people’s radar and more and more special days are happening without this tradition taking place. We take a look at 5 reasons why newly married couples are not placing as much importance on this event on their wedding day. 

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Too embarrassed to dance in front of all my family and friends – You have a best man who loves to laugh at you both or a father in law that likes to mock you at every turn- a formal dance is an easy dig, especially if it’s not something you partake in normally. And if you get it wrong- that will be the story they tell for years to come. 

I didn’t want to embarrass my significant other – You know that your dancing is a little unorthodox, even when you are trying to be sensible. You know that you barely walked down the aisle in your wedding shoes, hence dancing is not going to be an easy feat, so you write it off altogether.

I/my partner was too drunk by the time the first dance was to take place – The pressure to look and act good is off, the lights are down, so why not have a drink and just relax? Oh yeah the first dance that we forgot about. Let’s not bother.

My partner and I couldn’t agree on a song so we decided to forgo the dance altogether – He wants boppy, you want slow, he prefers old you want contemporary music. The only thing you can agree on is not to have any at all without a pre-wedding row. 

Simply decided against it – Most traditions are dying when it comes to weddings, hotels rather than weddings, non-religious vows, brides are making speeches- so why not make it your own and do something different to the first dance? A first song that everyone listens to instead?